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Ben Simmons’ Insane Workout Could Be Your Ticket To Explosive Strength & Agility

Plus: the workout that helped him get drafted by The Sixers…

If your typical workout consists of bench, squats, deadlifts and pull ups you are probably in need of a little pick me up. And no: we aren’t talking about some taurine fuelled pre-workout, we’re talking about shaking up your routine.

Sound like you? Ben Simmons’ shred sessions could be just the inspiration you need. The young Melburnian has become a rising NBA star with the Philadelphia 76ers, and while his on court prowess has impressed fans worldwide, his gym sessions could be your ticket to getting more shredded than you’ve ever been.

Whether it’s one arm dumbbell rows, multidirectional core workouts or cable flys, Ben Simmons’ Instagram workout posts make use of the neglected areas of the gym you are soon to appreciate.

First off we have one arm dumbbell rows, an exercise which is great for developing a wider, thicker (i.e. visibly stronger) back.


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Top tip from; “Concentrate on squeezing the back muscles once you reach the full contracted position. Also, make sure that the force is performed with the back muscles and not the arms.”

“The upper torso should remain stationary and only the arms should move. The forearms should do no other work except for holding the dumbbell; therefore do not try to pull the dumbbell up using the forearms.”

The next exercise he demonstrates (click through to the second image on the above Instagram post) are two handed overhead cable flys. These are great for increasing shoulder and core strength, and teaching your upper body muscles to work together.

While the name sounds complex, it’s actually quite simple: Attach a stirrup handle to the high pulley, grab it with both hands, pull across and over your body until your working hand is in front of the opposite cheek. Return to starting position.


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The next exercise of Simmons’ we recommend is a one handed fly pull (see above), which is a great way to vary your back workout—a great alternative to deadlifts or one arm dumbbell rows, targeting the same muscles in a different way. This can be combined with an overhead shoulder press (with dumbbells), as you can see in the fourth slide of the Instagram image series above.


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Simmons also showcases the dumbbell benchpress. This provides increased muscular hypotrophy and strength (compared to a bar bell bench press), joint angle customisation (optimal for those recovering from injury), increased unilateral strength, increased range of motion and develops your stabilisation muscles.

Also important is stretching:


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And—although we can’t perhaps all afford the fancy equipment for this one—dips…


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And finally, if you want to mimic what Simmons was doing when he was picked up by The Sixers, look no further than this video (disclaimer: we can’t guarantee you’ll get drafted too).

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