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Dwayne Johnson’s Slick 60s Outfit Wasn’t Enough To Contain His Muscles

Do you smell what the 60s revival is cooking?

Dwayne Johnson is undoubtedly the reigning action man of our generation but there’s one thing he continues to trump over all his predecessors — good taste in style.

At his latest New York City appearance this week the 47-year-old actor rocked one of the coolest 60s inspired summer outfits we’ve seen in a while.

Making blue his primary colour of choice, Johnson paired a striped button up cotton shirt with blue trousers, blue leather belt and a pair of classic black wayfarer sunglasses. Simple and effective enough, even if Johnson’s top-heavy frame made the whole thing look sprayed on.

Johnson is subjected to the same conundrum as other bodybuilders in that their proportions vary widely across their frame. The shoulders are often wide, the biceps often stretch sleeves to the limits and a glance at the thighs will easily indicate that skipping leg day is not an option. The secret then is good tailoring.

As one of the wealthiest men in Hollywood there’s no doubt that Johnson can afford a tailor or at least a size in clothing that fits him. This outfit does it just right even if it is a bit tight. The striped shirt is 60s inspired and features contrasting stripes, buttons and panelling straight out of that era.

The trousers meanwhile are brighter in a solid navy paired to a striking blue belt. The footwear is a standard summer staple in the form of brown loafers. Remember, you don’t need to wear socks with loafers during summer. The whole look is polished off with the aforementioned watch and sunglasses.

The muscles? We can’t help you with that but if you do have them, this is the best way to contain them as off-the-rack items will rarely be your friend. Godspeed, you stylish lifters.

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