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Sunglasses Brands

Other than simply protecting your eyes from the harm inflicted by the sun, sunglasses are a significant accessory for any man. They say a lot more about you than you think, reflecting your style, your personality, whether you’re trendy or timeless, your hobbies, and even your income. Whatever you’re trying to (or not trying to) say about yourself with your sunglasses, it’s important to invest in a quality pair that will suit your face shape, keep your eyes safe and help you look cool under bright lights.

Take your time when choosing a pair of sunglasses, they’ve been known to make or break a man, and pulling them off correctly could land you your own little slice of Steve McQueen cool. Here is our selection of the slickest sunglasses brands for men. And if these are slightly out of your budget then be sure to check out our cheap men’s sunglasses which are just as cool.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford, a name synonymous with bold, refined pieces. Their often chunky and stylish sunglasses have become a style icon over the past few years, having literal royalty (Meghan Markle) as well as James Bond himself owning a pair. The small ‘T’ logo that wraps around the arms of the glasses to the front of the frame leaves no one wondering what brand your sunnies might be, a subtle flex if you will. Quite frankly, if they’re good enough for Bond they’re probably good enough for you.

Tom Ford Square Frame Acetate Polarised Sunglasses
Square Frame Acetate Polarised Sunglasses $438

Thom Browne

New York designer Thom Browne operates in a world of anti-establishment. Their philosophy of encouraging men to dress up not down is also evident in their sunglasses. A cool mixture of timeless shapes with modern designs, Thom Browne sunglasses’ are something unique that you won’t find anywhere else.

Thom Browne Round Frame Silver Tone Optical Glasses With Clip On UV Lenses
Round Frame Silver Tone Optical Glasses With Clip On UV Lenses $1,485

Saint Laurent

A name that needs no introduction. Saint Laurent is famous for their sleek, French designs that will stand the test of time. If you’re looking for some ‘of the moment’ out these stuff, these won’t be the sunglasses for you. Instead if you’re looking for something effortlessly cool, these might be the glasses for you.

Saint Laurent D Frame Acetate Sunglasses
D Frame Acetate Sunglasses $403


The definition of timelessness, Ray Ban is THE sunglasses brand. Founded in 1937, the brand is famous for their iconic Wayfarer and Aviator designs. Almost anyone and everyone of note has been seen in Ray Bans including style icons like John F Kennedy, Jude Law and Don Draper. The great thing is, Ray Ban has been in style for so many decades, it’s pretty unlikely they’re going out of style anytime soon. If you’re looking for something timeless or trying to channel your inner Maverick, a pair of Ray Bans is most definitely a worthy investment.

Ray Ban Aviator Gold Tone Sunglasses
Aviator Gold Tone Sunglasses $244


Made famous by Steve McQueen, Persol has had a strong presence in the sunglasses game in the last few years. Their iconic 714 frame is not only the coolest of cool but also folds up to be a practical item for travel, to keep you cool wherever you end up. A pair of Persols might be your ticket to channeling your inner Steve McQueen, wherever that ends up is up to you.

Persol P09649S Blue & Tortoise Sunglasses
P09649S Blue & Tortoise Sunglasses $260

Oliver Peoples

Founded in 1987, Oliver Peoples can almost be considered a newcomer to the sunglasses game. Designed in Los Angeles and made in Italy and Japan, Oliver Peoples combines cutting edge designs with impeccable build quality. Oliver Peoples has a great range of both timeless and ‘of the moment’ pieces to suit all tastes.

Oliver Peoples Ellice Round Frame Metal Sunglasses
Ellice Round Frame Metal Sunglasses $664


This New York designer has been under the control of the same family for five generations, safe to say they know a thing or two about sunglasses. Their vintage inspired designs are sure to stand the test of time.

Moscot Glick Round Frame Tortoiseshell Acetate Sunglasses
Glick Round Frame Tortoiseshell Acetate Sunglasses $444

Garrett Leight

Founded in 2011, this young gun is reviving the styles and build qualities of a time gone era. Garrett Leight California Optical Accessories combines the finest craftsmanship with enduring designs.

Garrett Leight Hampton Sunglasses
Hampton Sunglasses $554


Since 1847, Cartier has set the standard for top-notch workmanship. The Parisian design house uses similar methods and techniques to build their sunglasses as they do for their watches. Their sophisticated designs are a status symbol and coveted by many and a handcrafted frame adds an extra aspect of luxuriousness to this already illustrious brand.

Cartier Eyewear Santos De Cartier Square Frame Tortoiseshell Acetate And Gold Tone Sunglasses
Santos De Cartier Square Frame Tortoiseshell Acetate And Gold Tone Sunglasses $1,185


Handmade in Italy, Illesteva creates high quality sunglasses with an air of New York cool that reflects the big city where they were designed.The best part, they aren’t going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Illesteva Cordova II Sunglasses Black & Gold
Cordova II Sunglasses $315


Taking an alternative perspective on sunglasses, the Berlin designed sunglasses from Mykita are for those looking to make a statement with their eyewear. Rest assured, these sunnies are also built to an extremely high quality in a clinical German factory.

Mykita Mylon Masao Sunglasses
Mylon Masao Sunglasses $610


Looking for sunglasses larger than life? Almost all of Dita’s sunglasses features their signature big size. To really pull of the look these glasses have to offer, you’ll need an equally large head.

Dita Flight.004 Sunglasses
Flight.004 Sunglasses $700


If you’re a fan of Ray Bans but would like something a little less traditional, SUPER by RETROSUPERFUTURE might be your solution. Their frames emulate some iconic shapes but add they add their own twists in the shape of changes to the frame or use of of exciting materials.

Classic Sunglasses $218


More famous for their traditional English clothing are Belstaff, you should not be surprised to hear they make some killer sunglasses. With a range of different shapes and materials, you’re bound to find a pair of sunglasses to suit your tastes.

Archer Aviator Sunglasses $530


The famous Italian design house produces great sunglasses to complement their iconic clothing. Combining both traditional and modern aesthetics, Gucci is at the forefront of sunglass design and has graced the face of many icons of the modern era. Our advice, steer clear of Gucci’s more out there designs as they’re unlikely to stand the test of time.

Gucci Square Frame Striped Acetate Sunglasses
Square-Frame Striped Acetate Sunglasses $353


Eyevan is known for being Japan’s first fashion eyewear brand. Inspired by the tranquil Japanese lifestyle, Eyevan’s frames are slim, clean cut and minimalistic. They aim to complement your face as opposed to some other sunglasses which are a huge statement in and of themselves.

Eyevan 7285 Round Frame Acetate And Titanium Sunglasses
Round Frame Acetate And Titanium Sunglasses $782


Monokel eyewear is built around producing sustainable, unisex designs. Believe it or not their frames are primarily made out of a plant based acetate with recycled acetate used when and where necessary. These simple and functional sunglasses will keep you looking great whilst also saving the planet.

Monokel Aki Sunglasses
Aki Sunglasses $190

Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow is at the forefront of sunglass fashion. All of those sunglasses you see of the noses of Instagram famous bloggers at Coachella are probably either a pair of Linda Farrow’s or a rip off of the same design. Whether you’re heading to a festival or not, they have some great, bold sunglasses. Just make sure you’re ok with making a statement, a bold one.

Linda Farrow Aviator Sunglasses
Aviator Sunglasses $1,765

Karen Walker

Designed in New Zealand, Karen Walker produces designs like no one else. Their sunglasses are unique and don’t copy design cues of anyone else, refreshing, especially in a industry where everyone copy-pastes the same designs with different logos.

Karen Walker Voltaire Sunglasses
Voltaire Sunglasses $327


Celine is possibly one of the most famous names in sunglasses. Designers Michael Kors, Phoebe Philo have had stints at the Paris design house producing some of the best looking sunglasses known to man. Famous for their bold, black designs, Celine is a safe go to for the more fashionable man.

Celine Eyewear Square Sunglasses
Square Sunglasses $743

Cutler and Gross

Founded by one Mr Cutler and one Mr Gross, for more than 40 years the pair have been bringing flair the to glasses game. Their paired back, logo free, often minimalist look lets these quality glasses do the talking.

Cutler and Gross Round Frame Tortoiseshell Acetate And Gold Tone Sunglasses
Round Frame Tortoiseshell Acetate And Gold Tone Sunglasses $495

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