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Cool Sunglasses Brands That Will Make You The Sharpest Guy Under The Sun

Nail the most important accessory of all.

Aside from protecting your eyes from the harm inflicted by the sun, sunglasses – along with jewellery – are a significant accessory for any man. They say a lot more about you than you think, as sunglasses reflect your style, your personality, whether you’re trendy or timeless, your hobbies, and even your income.

Don’t panic though; we’ve got you covered. When it comes to sunglasses, these are the most important things to consider: you want to invest in a high-quality pair that will both suit your face shape (if you’re unsure of your face shape or what sunglasses will suit you; read this before purchasing a new pair), and keep your eyes safe with UV protection.

Men’s sunglasses FAQs

When were sunglasses invented?

The term sunglasses was first used in 1929 when Sam Foster (founder of Foster Grant) launched a pair of sunglasses made from celluloid. However, spectacles and other instruments used to block the sun's rays have been used since prehistoric times.

How do you fix scratched sunglasses?

It can be quite tricky to fix scratched sunglasses lenses, so your best bet is to just have the lenses replaced.

Which sunglasses have the best lenses?

What can be considered to be the 'best lenses' will likely come down to personal preference. However, brands that offer polarised lenses are said to be the best quality because they're able to block a larger proportion of sun rays, significantly reducing glare and potential damage to your eyes.

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