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The $178 Men’s Sneaker To Buy When You’re Sick Of Wearing White Sneakers

When white won’t cut it.

It’s a well-known fact that white sneakers in recent years have become somewhat of a cult. They have a unique ability to perfectly pair with any outfit you and a good pair will be able to handle almost any occasion whether that be Sunday brunch, casual Fridays or a summer wedding. It’s easy to see why the white sneaker has become so iconic and revered, but what’s next? Oliver Cabell’s most recent release might be the next big thing.

Now, before you start commenting out of rage that this is another white sneaker, it isn’t. They are cream. Whilst this differentiating factor might seem like a rather insignificant change, it isn’t. Rarely do you see someone wearing cream sneakers and none that are this nice, so you’ll undoubtedly stand out (a bit).

Whilst the colour has changed somewhat, cream still has the ability to pair almost perfectly with any outfit, yet does so less clinically than a pair of perfect white sneakers. They also come in a slate colour which is just as minimal as the cream but adds a slight tinge of colour. The design is minimalistic with clean, elegant lines that have cemented themselves as iconic in the sneaker world. All in all, this small change has a big impact on your appearance and will help you solidify your status as a fashion-forward gentleman. 

If you’re a sucker for quality materials and construction, you’ll be frothing over the Oliver Cabell’s. Made from a mixture of Italian and Spanish calf leather and Italian rubber roles in a factory in Spain they are about as durable and luxurious as they come. Typically, for such a luxurious shoe one would expect to pay well over $400, however, the Low 1’s retail at an extremely reasonable $178. So what stopping you? Score yourself a bargain and take to the streets wearing the next big thing in sneakers, wait too long and you’ll be like everyone else in the heard. 

Shop Oliver Cabell  $178

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