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22 Cool Shoes For Men Seeking Comfort & Style

Nothing ties an outfit together like a good pair of kicks.

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Fashion legend Christian Dior said that “you can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes”. This still holds true today. Whatever the outfit, whatever the occasion, the perfect pair of men’s shoes is the key to completing your look. Here, we break down the top tips for buying new kicks in 2023 plus our most-loved brands and styles.

How to Buy Men’s Shoes Online:

What’s the Occassion?

The most important questions to ask yourself before buying a new pair of men’s shoes are these:

  • Why am I buying these shoes?
  • What sort of events and activities will I use these shoes for?

These might seem obvious, but they’re more important to ask when buying shoes than any other garment. Sneakers don’t look good at weddings, Brogues aren’t great for marathons, and so on.

By answering these questions, you’ll immediately be able to prioritise certain factors when buying your new shoes – do they need to be lightweight? A certain colour – black, white, brown? Do they need to be made of a certain material? You catch my drift.

Start with what you’ll be wearing them for and work back from there to ensure you buy the right pair for purpose.

What’s In Fashion Right Now?

It’s important to understand that some men’s shoes are absolutely timeless. A white sneaker, a black brogue or oxford, and certain brands like Vans, classic Converse, or Nikes will never go out of style.

As such, it’s well worth stocking your wardrobe with a few of these classics that you can wear again and again, knowing they’ll style with near enough anything.

Having said that, shoes aren’t exempt from the endlessly cresting and crashing waves of fashion trends: loafers, derbies, apron-toed oxfords and suede chukka boots are all expected to sweep the streets in 2023.

So on top of your must-have capsule wardrobe shoes – those pairs that never go out of rotation – be sure to top up your collection with a couple of pairs that really show you’ve got your finger on the pulse this season.

Whether that be a bold colour, a daring print, or an interesting design that sets it – and you – apart from the crowd, be as subtle or as audacious as you like.

Sizing and Fit

Sizing is more crucial with men’s shoes than it is with any other garment; badly fitting shoes won’t just hurt your aesthetic, but they could do you some serious damage as well.

Sizing can vary slightly by brand, so always err on the side of caution (if in doubt, go up).

If you don’t already know your size, it’s best to go and get measured up in your local store and try out a few different pairs.

Here are our tips for getting the perfect fit:

  • Have a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch of space between your toes and the end of the shoe.
  • Take them for a short test drive – just lap the store a few times – you won’t truly know the fit just by standing still.
  • Get your feet measured in the afternoon – your feet expand during the day.
  • Watch out for internal labels or inseams that could rub against your feet on longer outings.
  • And… this one may seem obvious: If one foot is bigger than the other, make sure you buy the size that fits the larger foot.

Materials and Durability

Materials are important in men’s shoes for a few reasons.

First, they’re important for getting your look right dependent on the event. For weddings or other smart occasions, dark leather is what you want. For summer BBQs or smart-casual events, suede or lighter leather could provide a nice middle ground. For running, you want performance-engineered composites.

When looking at running or workout sneakers, the material is also important in terms of weight: if you’re trying to run 10k, you don’t want to feel like you’ve got a ball and chain on your ankle.

In contrast, if all you’re doing is trotting around a garden party or office, this is far less of a concern.

Sustainability is also an increasingly important factor for customers and designers alike. If sustainability is important to you, avoid plastics and composites; chase those natural materials instead.

Some materials are also more durable than others, meaning your shoes may (or may not…) last longer. This is often reflected in the pricepoint but always check the material information online before purchase.

Short For Time? These Are Our Top Picks

Best Sustainable Men’s Shoe:VEJA
Best Vegan Men’s Shoe: TOMS
Best Skate Shoe:Vans
Best All-White Men’s Shoe:Oliver Cabell
Best Basketball Shoe:Converse
Best Running Shoe:On Running
Best Smart-Casual:Johnston & Murphy
Best for Wide Feet:Grenson