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14 Cool Shoes For Men; From Trend-Setting Brands Changing The Footwear Game

Nothing ties an outfit together like a good pair of kicks.

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In this men’s shoe guide, we break down the selection of independently reviewed brands that we’ve known and loved for over 10 years. Our goal is to curate a collection of brands and styles you’ve maybe overlooked or didn’t know about. Regardless, we believe our selection to be on trend and worthy of your feets.

It’s important to understand that some men’s shoes are timeless. A white sneaker, a black brogue or oxford, and certain brands like Vans, classic Converse, or Nike will always have cool casual shoes in their collection.

Having said that, shoes aren’t exempt from the endlessly cresting and crashing waves of fashion trends: loafers, derbies, apron-toed oxfords and suede chukka boots are all expected to sweep the streets. (As you can see we’ve written a lot of stories about men’s shoes.)

What’s on trend

A selection of cool shoes

Shoe trends can often last a number of years, for example, old-school sneakers came back and never really went out. Esperdrills became popular around for Summer and vacations. More recently penny loafers had a resurgence, especially the two-tone style that GH Bass and Duke & Dexter produce. Lastly, the athletic sneaker being worn as an everyday shoe is really on point right now. Asics and New Balance are leading the charge in this space. And yes, chunky is still in play.

How we’ve curated this list…

We have selected the brands we think are making the most on-trend footwear from around the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from America or Australia, there’s a pair of shoes here from a reputable brand you’ll love.

  • Brand – Are they popular or trending right now? Are they always evolving? Not stale…
  • Celebrities – Who’s wearing them?
  • Quality – Did we enjoy wearing them? Did they last?

Why trust us? Becuase our editor, Luc Wiesman is a shoe fiend. At one point Luc owned over 60 pairs of shoes. Thankfully he’s beat that addiction and is here to tell you what’s hot and what’s not.