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Best Skate Shoes For Men Who Know Their Kickflips From Their Grinds

The action sport of skateboarding is one that has been around for decades, with men and women young and old jumping on their skateboards to perform insane tricks on the street and in skateparks, for both recreational and competitive exploits.

Skateboarding as a sport has increases in popularity year on year, and will make its Olympic debut at the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. As with any sport, the equipment you use for skateboarding can be the difference between winning and losing, and with so many parts: board, trucks, wheels, grip tape, to name a few, there is a lot to consider. You also need a super pair of skate shoes to keep your feet planted on the board and to provide support around the ankles to help prevent injury.

It’s that latter point that makes skate shoes different from regular everyday sneakers, so if you’re thinking about taking up the sport, you need to make sure you invest in all the right places, unless you fancy a trip to the hospital with broken bones or torn ligaments. Fortunately, there is a whole host of skate shoe manufacturers, each offering their own distinctive styles, including collaboration models with professional boarders.

But, just because they offer extra features over everyday sneakers, doesn’t mean they can’t be worn when you’re not lipsliding your way down a stair rail. They can be worn whenever you want, and so how they look may be of more importance to you, as you’ll still want to be able to pair them with your usual array of looks.

We’ve scoured the web to bring you the definitive list of manufacturers producing some of the most technically advanced, and good-looking skate shoes on the market right now.

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