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22 Cool Black Sneakers For Men That Will Add Timeless Cool To Any Look

Always bet on black.

While minimal white sneakers may grab the headlines, their darker counterpart black sneakers are just as much of a wardrobe staple for guys everywhere. With white sneakers being the go-to footwear for summer with a pair of chino shorts, black sneakers lend themselves the colder seasons of the year, or to be paired with evening wear such as black jeans or chinos when hitting the town.

They’re the perfect accessory for luxe streetwear outfits too or anything that involves a leather jacket. And because they’re so dark, you could even get away with wearing them to more formal occasions (just don’t come blaming us if you’re caught out and ejected).

So where do you start in the game of black sneakers? Figuring out the occasion. Skate style black sneakers are best paired with your best casual gear like tees, jeans and shorts. Casual black sneakers of the leather variety are best suited to more smart-casual looks which employ trousers, chinos and fitted shorts. Black runners meanwhile play best in the streetwear space, or naturally, at the gym.

If you know the occasion you’re buying for, then we’re happy to let you loose into the world of black sneaker shopping. But to give you a helping hand, we’ve put together this list of some of the best pairs of black sneakers currently available, covering a variety of materials, styles and budgets.

Black Sneakers For Men FAQ

What can I wear with black sneakers?

Black sneakers are decidedly more versatile than any other colour of sneakers thanks to their dark colouring. This means not only can they be paired with jeans of almost any colour, they can also be worn as part of slightly more formal outfits. As long as they are clean and rock a minimal design, you can wear black sneakers with trousers, a shirt and a blazer, if the occasion allows.

What socks can I wear with black sneakers?

Assuming they're a minimalistic pair of black sneakers, you can wear pretty much whatever pair of socks you like. Single-colour socks in bold options such as orange and blue can look great, but going for an all-black look can look equally appealing.

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