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The Best Men’s Leather Jacket Brands You’ll Ever Need To Know

Leather up with the best in the business.

Made cool in the fifties by Brando, McQueen and James Dean, the leather jacket has since sustained a long lasting covenant with the modern man.

The timeless wardrobe piece has seen us through the proceeding decades effortlessly, with only a slight shoulder-pad and acid-wash glitch in the eighties. That said, the last ten years have been good to the leather jacket, smoothing any incongruous fit and colour issues.

Today men have a plethora of leather options to choose from via the most fashionable luxury brands. The last order of the call is simply showing you how to wear it properly. Leather up and learn.

Understanding The 'Leather' Basics

AllSaints Kemble Suede Leather Bomber £328

The key to buying a leather jacket is finding a type that already rides well with your personal style – don’t be somebody you’re not.

Then, nail the fit (think slim and flat to the body), before selecting the leather type (calf, cow, lamb or goat) and a neutral colour. A neutral colour ensures that it can be paired easier with your existing wardrobe like jeans.

Honing in on the finer details is the final step to personalisation; selecting how many zips, buttons and metal things you want – or none at all, is all part of the your personal taste.

If you’re new to leather jackets start with something clean and understated first and then move your way up as you get more comfortable with wearing them. The leather is your oyster.

Leather Jacket Styles

Leather jackets require confidence. Celebrities and rockstars wear them to stand-out and make a grungy style statement. That said, you can find a clean-cut, more demure type. Knowing your personal style is important, helping you decide what jacket style is most appropriate.

Leather jacket styles are defined by length, the way it closes or zips (and just how much hardware it boasts) and the collar. There are generally three types: the ‘bomber’, the ‘biker’ and the ‘racer’.

Bomber Jackets

The bomber is the most casual looking. Recognised by its waist-length, the jacket is made from soft leather, which tends to be more malleable giving it a relaxed look.

The jacket has contrast trim (sometimes in contrast colour and fabric), which usually mixes up the waist and sleeve cuffs for a succinct fit.

Hardware in minimal, with solely asymmetrical zip up the front, with functional kangaroo-pouch side pockets – or without.

Belstaff Arne Bomber Jacket Was: £1,295 Now: £906

Biker Jackets

The biker (think Marlon Brando) boasts large lapels and a flared collar, that can be snapped down for extra security. Packed with metallic hardware (studs, plugs and zips), the front zipper is normally asymmetrical, allowing the wider side to fold in underneath its partner.

Saint Laurent Lambskin Biker $4,995

Leather Jacket Fit

Sandro Shearing Biker Jacket $1,550

The fit of the leather jacket – like a suit – is paramount. But unlike a bad fitting jacket or blazer, leather jackets can’t be altered easily and it’s expensive if you do.

So what should you look for exactly? The jacket should sit cling to the contours of your body, with shoulders cutting sharp and square on the shoulder – like a blazer.

A leather jacket isn’t really designed for wearing over bulk layers – more a fine-gauge sweater or tee – so buy the smallest size that fits, allowing for a bit of stretch to occur. Your arms should be able to move freely and not feel tight and uncomfortable. The length of the sleeves should skim the the wrist and hem bottom should cut at the belt line.

The skinny guy should opt for a tight or elasticated waistband, tapering the body section and accentuating the shoulders. The larger gent should go for a straight cut – avoiding anything that will cling to lumps and bumps. Same rule applies for muscles, gym junkie.

In summary, leather jackets are expensive – unless you’re more of a cheap guy, so play around with fit and brands. And try, before you buy.

Leather Jacket Colours

The timelessness of the leather jacket does depend on what colour you choose. Like suits, neutral colours such as black, brown, and grey are your best bet. Navy and contrast-sleeved biker types are more fashion-y and are a different option for guys who may already have a classic leather in their cupboard.

Fashion can also be played around a bit with suede as the coat tends to come in brown (from to tan to chocolate), meaning it can work as seamlessly into an outfit as black leather would.

Stick to one suede piece as break away from leather, opting for shearling on the collar for extra plushness. But avoid gimmicky tassels or fringing and anything that looks even remotely metro sexual cowboy – unless you have matching ass-less chaps.

Brands are ordered from cheapest to most expensive


ASOS Design is the first stop for the budget conscious man. Their affordable leather jackets will ensure you have the latest designs and styles without the hefty price tag. These jackets are perfect for students and those who prefer price over quality.

ASOS leather jackets start from $150


Superdry is an exciting contemporary brand which focuses on high-quality products that fuse vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with a British style.  Their leather jackets are the ultimate investment piece, combining top quality craftsmanship with supreme style and comfort.

Superdry jackets start from $349


There’s not too many leather jacket labels that come from places other than Paris, UK and the U.S, but Goosecraft is one of them. Hailing from the Netherlands, Goosecraft is a name that produces slim biker style leather jackets which come in a host of unique colours

Goosecraft jackets start from $400


Another leather name hailing from the U.S is Schott NYC – the first company to ever put a zipper on a jacket. Like Belstaff, their jackets are inspired by the motorcycling world and have graced the backs of people like Marlon Brando and rock bands alike.

Schott leather jackets start from $480

Selected Homme

Selected Homme makes way for good attention in their leather jacket range. The offerings are very cleanly cut with minimal studs or zipper detailing to take away from the leather’s natural properties.

Selected Homme jackets start from $440


RRL is the acronym for ‘Double Ralph Lauren’. The label acts as a top-of-the-line homage to the Old American West and early 1900s workwear. As such, you can expect exquisite washing and texture from the leathers used under the RRL label.

Ralph Lauren leather jackets are priced from $499


AllSaints was founded in 1994 and has since established its own flair for menswear. Their leather jacket offerings don’t follow a set formula and that’s a good thing with a blend of bombers, blazers and urban styles all coming in leather.

AllSaints bestseller starts from £318.00 / $500


G-Star is a brand that’s been known for denim, however their no bullshit approach to streetwear means their leather jackets are built just as tough. Expect to find a small but affordable biker style leather jackets for men.

G-Star leather starts from $560


Since its creation by David Reiss in 1971, Reiss has established a design philosophy centred on creating design-led menswear, womenswear and accessories. Expect to find a strong range of fashion forward suede and leather jackets.

Reiss leather starts from $850

Paul Smith

British fashion designer Paul Smith knows a thing or two about contemporary styling. Having been known for its eccentric styling since the 70s, Paul Smith today brings a touch of that repertoire to leather. Clean designs and cuts are the foundation but keep an eye on the detailing for an extra bit of ‘pop’.

Paul Smith leather jackets are priced from $990


Born from the success of women’s label Sandro & Maje, Sandro is the men’s French label dedicated to offering chic leather pieces for guys after a modern European design envisioned by Ilan Chetrite.

Sandro leather jacket are priced from $1,100


David Beckham is a fan of Belstaff’s leather jackets and it’s easy to see why. Slim masculine cuts inspired by motorcycling means modern designs in a functional piece with British craftsmanship.

Belstaff leather jackets start from £795 / A$1200


Another luxury French name making standout leather jackets is A.P.C. The label is renowned for its clean and simple patterns modelled off military designs in high quality materials. It’s an obvious choice for those who want quality over hype.

A.P.C. leather jackets start from $1,500


With a history steeped in leather making, American label Coach was bound to create leather jackets for men. Their offerings are a combination of vintage America, varsity and aviation.

Coach leather jackets start from $1,900

Acne Studios

Heading upmarket in the Swedish fashion ladder will bring you to Acne Studios. The label’s leather jacket offering evoke sleek Scandinavian minimalism paired to premium materials.

Acne Studios leather jackets start from A$2,200

Rick Owens

Rick Owens men’s leather jackets capture the brand’s futuristic vision of urban dressing. Wearing one of these will really get your friends talking.

Rick Owens leather jackets start from A$2,500

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is the self-named label that burst onto the British fashion scene in 1992. The founder might no longer be with us but his leather jackets certainly live on. Cut slim and with the aesthetic undertones of Brit rock, McQueen’s jackets often feature big collars, studs, zips and clashing textures.

Alexander McQueen leather is priced from $3,500


If you want a statement then Gucci is your leather jacket answer. The luxury Italian label has built a reputation for bringing loud designs to the forefront of luxury fashion. Whether it’s bright colours, big motifs or daring textures, Gucci will go there. Their leather jackets are naturally made for those who aren’t fans of conforming.

Gucci leather is priced from $3,500

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is the name synonymous with exquisite tuxedos and suits, but the American label also has a hand in leather and the result can only be described as high fashion with a touch of vintage elements.

Tom Ford leather jackets start from A$4,000

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent is the quintessential name for those looking for a fine touch of French luxury. The name has a lengthy history of producing leather goods and this shows in their leather jackets which showcase sharp cuts and even sharper detailing without going full rock star. It’s suitable for those who like a bit of edge to their minimalism.

Saint Laurent leather jackets start from A$5,560

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  • William Thompson

    Is it a bad idea to buy a lambskin leather motorcycle jacket?

  • Luc Wiesman

    Probably not good if you come off the bike. It will look good tho. You’ll be the coolest dude in hospital.

  • Bladeknight

    No, if that jacket has elbow & shoulder reinforcements or pockets for optional armor in elbows, shoulders and back.

  • Afzal Mahmoud Mirza

    I agree with William its very soft leather

  • Geniusknowsnobounds

    If you’re going to ride a bike with it, then yes. Your own skin has only slightly less abrasion resistance! But for clubbing, why not?!

  • Geniusknowsnobounds

    My big bitch about this “best of”list is that you can’t run a $10K ‘wanna be’ couture biker jacket and then show the real deal (Schott) when its better made, and uses better leather. Gucci, Dunhill, St Laurent…pretentious rubbish. Schott and Bellstaff invented the Bike jacket and still do it best, no question.

  • Webjak

    LOL, fashion brand BS for poseur’s.
    Schott, Vanson, Aero, Thedi, Langlitz, the real deal.

  • Luc Wiesman

    Yeah agree – Needs an update!

  • Amr Del

    i wanna ask about how should a biker jacket fit on length side on a man i reacentlyowned aperfecto jacket medium size in arms it suits well just in wrist but when i zipped closed it just on or pops above the belt from front and in back its on the belt is it normal fiting so when zipped if iwear it withourt a long shirt under the built will apear

  • DodieBo

    Can anyone tell me where I can find this navy biker jacket or who it’s by? It is from 2016 I believe.

  • Jerine Farrell

    I gifted Southside Serpents leather jacket to my brother on his birthday, Just American Jackets gives me free shipping, the quality is outstanding. He is love to wear the jacket with his everyday clothing. So what’s the point to buy a expensive leather jacket when you can get a good quality leather jacket with free shipping to your door step.

  • Syed Arslan Amjad

    These brands are super super costly — I just bought an amazing leather jacket in easter sales for my little brother from there :

  • deridolu

    Really great guide. But the most beautiful leather jacket models here. believe me. check for more.

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  • mrk

    Wow…. i dont think I have ever seen a group of guys who absolutely should not be wearing a leather jacket. Feminine guys should wear, well….I dont know. I do know that they should not wear A leather jacket. Here is a good rule for wearing a leather jacket: if somebody comes up to you and tries to take your leather jacket, you should be able to, and willing to, at least fight back to try to keep your jacket. if you’re just gonna give it to them or cry when they take it, you should not have one. A “man’s” Leather jacket is for a man….not a beta, or trans, or whatever. Anybody that buys a jacket because of the designer name on it…is lame. You can look to see who made it. Good companies make good jackets. If you want designer clothing, go fight your sister for the Vogue magazine.


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