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5 Best Oliver Cabell Shoes To Buy Right Now [2023]

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Oliver Cabell is committed to fair pricing for top quality and design, and strongly advocates against unethical manufacturing and inflating prices. The result? Hand-crafted, European-made, and affordable premium shoes that are designed to last.

Their large range of men’s sneakers are all handmade in Italy and provide ultimate comfort; meaning you can wear a pair of Oliver Cabell sneakers all day and night without getting sore feet or blisters.

Most of Oliver Cabell’s range is comprised of the Low 1 sneaker which is available in multiple colours and styles. Every single pair of the Low 1’s (no matter the colour) is crafted with full-grain calfskin leather sourced from Marche, Italy. However, Oliver Cabell does have a few other sneaker styles on offer, which have been crafted from recycled materials, if you’d prefer a more sustainably made shoe.

If you’re looking for a new pair of high-quality sneakers that’ll last you for years to come but won’t break the bank, Oliver Cabell is the brand for you, so take a look at our favourites from Oliver Cabell’s range.

Low 1 | White

For the man wanting an everyday sneaker…

Oliver Cabell $235.00

Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 in an all-white colour is the perfect everyday sneaker. With a sleek yet versatile design, the White Low 1’s will go with everything and anything you have in your closet. If you’re after a classic white sneaker, you won’t find one better than Oliver Cabell’s.

Low 1 | Jet Black

For the man who hates dress shoes…

Oliver Cabell $235.00

The Low 1 in Jet Black is a completely solid black sneaker and with premium full-grain calfskin leather uppers, these sneakers are perfect for smart-casual events. If you really hate wearing dress shoes, Oliver Cabell’s Jet Black Low 1’s are the shoes for you, as they’re sophisticated enough to substitute for a dress shoe.

Low 1 | Lion

For the fashion-forward man…

Oliver Cabell $235.00

If you’re a man who likes to look his best at all times, you have to get yourself a pair of Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 sneakers in Lion. The tan leather upper paired with the contrasting white outsole gives the Lion Low 1’s an extremely stylish look and will elevate any outfit you pair them with.

Low 1 | Belmont

For the man who can’t afford Golden Goose…

Oliver Cabell $310.00

The Belmont version of Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 sneakers are mainly white with a pop of black and are rather versatile; perfect for everyday wear. But the real highlight is the Belmont Low 1’s feature a cool stitched circle design on the side, making them similar in style to Golden Goose sneakers, but these are available for a much more affordable price.

Phoenix | Black

For the eco-conscious man…

Oliver Cabell $140.00

A rather casual-looking shoe that’s still stylish, Oliver Cabell’s Pheonix is perfect for men who are eco-conscious. This is because the Pheonix sneaker is 3D printed from 7 recycled water bottles and features certified organic cotton laces. If you’re looking for sneakers that have been sustainably made, you won’t find ones better looking than the Phoenix in Black.