Cool Gifts For Men & All Types Of Guys In Your Life

Buy once: buy right.

Searching ‘gifts for him’ online can return all manner of obscure results, many of which are either totally obvious or completely oblivious. We understand you want to get him something thoughtful, something unique, or maybe even something creative (sock puppets are still a big no) but it can be almost impossible to know exactly what to get.

Of course, there is much to consider when buying a gift for a man: go too flashy and he doesn’t like it, you risk wasting a lot of money. Lowball it, however, and you could low-key sour the relationship.

To help you avoid either scenario, we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts the man you’re buying for will ever lay eyes on. Whether it’s something seriously practical or cool, something new to stock the drinks trolley, or a pair of headphones to help him through some gruelling workouts, these gifts for him are sure to be met with applause.

How To Choose A Gift For Him

Start by thinking about what he’s interested in. If you’re buying for a man you’re dating, you should either know his interests by now or, if you haven’t been dating long, you can subtly check for things he likes. For instance, before splurging on a vintage bottle of Australian red wine, make sure he likes red wine.

If you’re buying for your dad, brother, friend, or colleague, and you’re not sure of his interests already, you can ask others (such as your mum, your mate’s other half, etc.) if they know his interests. If not, again, subtly check. Once you’ve got a solid idea of what he’s interested in, you can find an awesome gift.

What Gifts To Avoid

Because you want your gift to be a winner, you should avoid the generic items that distant relatives buy at Christmas. Novelty socks, for example, or gift vouchers for stores he’s almost never going to shop at are at the top of the list of gifts to avoid.

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Still wondering exactly what to get him as a gift? Never fear, as we’ve rounded up the absolute best gifts for men. Whether you want something personal, unique, cool, or practical, you’ll find the perfect gift below. Seriously, just pick your man any one of these gifts and he’ll be grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

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