Cool Gifts For Men & All Types Of Guys In Your Life

Buy once: buy right.

Searching ‘gifts for him’ online can return all manner of obscure results, many of which are either totally obvious or completely oblivious. We understand you want to get him something thoughtful, something unique, or maybe even something creative (sock puppets are still a big no).

Of course, there is much to consider when buying a gift for a man: go too flashy and he doesn’t like it, you risk wasting a lot of money. Lowball it, however, and you could low-key sour the relationship.

To help you avoid either scenario, we’ve compiled a list of the most unique and functional gifts your hunky half will ever lay eyes on. Whether it’s a personable pen, something new to stock the drinks trolley or a pair of headphones to help him through some gruelling workouts, these gifts for him are sure to be met with applaud.

How To Choose A Gift For Him

Depending on how long you’ve been dating this could easily trip you up. If you haven’t been together all that long, subtly check for things he likes, wine, for instance, before splurging on a vintage bottle of Australian red wine. If you’ve been married for millennia, chances are you’ve bought him a fair amount of what he likes already, so time to switch it up a little. Y’know, like you would in the bedroom.

What Gifts To Avoid

Because you want your gift to be unique to him, you should avoid the generic items you can rely on his distant relatives to buy at Christmas. Novelty socks, for example, or gift vouchers for stores he’s almost never going to shop at.

How To Justify Buying A Gift

Birthday presents, Valentine’s gifts and Christmas presents for him require no justification. Neither do anniversaries. However, if you are impatient to buy your man a token of affection, just make your own occasion; commit credit-card fraud, get in on a money-laundering scheme, lie, cheat, steal, tell him you find his best mate supremely attractive – the options are endless!

Got your excuse sorted? Now just pick your man one of these gifts and he’ll be beaming like a Cheshire Cat.

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