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9 Best Bar Carts To Show Off Your Alcohol Stash

If you love your liquor, these are the best bar carts available...

9 Best Bar Carts To Show Off Your Alcohol Stash

Let’s not beat around the bush; we all like to indulge with a drink or two at home every now and then. Whether your poison is a fine Australian red or white wine, a simple gin and tonic or perhaps a cocktail such as a Negroni or an Old Fashioned, enjoying alcohol in the comfort of your own home is something not to be sneered at.

But most homes just have an ‘alcohol cupboard’. A space, usually in the kitchen, in which bottles of booze are hidden so as not to attract attention but can be easily flung open when you get home from work or when guests come round.

We’re telling you now, it’s time to celebrate your alcohol collection – especially if you have some limited edition or rare bottles of grog – and present it on a bar cart. Perhaps associated more with homes of yesteryear, bar carts are now seeing a resurgence, with several designers and furniture producers putting their stamp on the classical piece of furniture to create something that you will want to show off all year round.

Naturally, as with any piece of furniture, you’ll need to consider the size when shopping for bar carts. Too big and it will end up being in the way, too small and it might not be able to hold enough stuff. And make sure you go for a bar cart that reflects your tastes and will easily blend with the decor of your home.

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If you’re wanting to elevate your home and show off your alcohol collection, these are the best bar carts available.