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10 Best Australian Gin Brands To Try In 2023

Father's Salvation with the best Australian gin.

Archie Rose

Other than perhaps an Aperol Spritz, chilled glass of white wine or a mojito, few other drinks are as refreshing as a gin and tonic. A drink that is easy to savour and easier to enjoy, gin is a spirit that can introduce a multitude of flavour profiles. And, staying close to home, we wanted to uncover Australian gin brands you need to know.

With its history being traced back to 13th-century Netherlands (although some reports claim it was invented in Italy) and a surge in popularity in England being responsible for its global appeal today, gin now comes in a huge number of varieties deriving from distilleries all around the world.

That includes Australia. Just as our nation has pretty much carved out a unique craft beer scene of its own, we’ve seen plenty of distilleries dishing out their own interpretation of what a good gin should taste like, many of which have been the recipient of awards.

As ever, there is always place to recommend the very best bottles to buy right now, which is exactly what we’ve done with this list of best Australian gin brands.

Whilst there are a few classic gins in this list, we noticed a strong shift away from tradition, and a firm embrace of raw flavours and ingredients endemic to Australia.

But first: a lesson in alcohol.

How Is Gin Produced?

It’s all about the botanicals, baby!

Delve a little beyond the Bridget Jones reputation that gin has, and you’ll find that it’s actually a spirit of incredible finesse, balance and complexity. Starting life as a relatively neutral-tasting alcoholic spirit, all gins are then flavoured primarily with juniper berries as a rule, before being distilled multiple times with barks, roots, spices, and a range of other ingredients that impart a unique blend of tangy, spicy flavours to the drink.

With so much freedom afforded to those who make it, it’s little surprise that so many styles of gin have arisen across the world (for example, an ‘Old Tom’ gin like Hernö has a distinctly different flavour compared to a ‘London Dry’ like Bombay Sapphire), and it’s this freedom that has helped gin become probably the most diverse and popular craft spirit in Australia today. Seriously, go and look at how many great Aussie gins there are out there. It’s quite astounding. Here are just a few!

Enjoy our selection of the best Aussie gin below.

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