Ancestral Supplements: Why Beef Liver Capsules Could Change Your Life, According To A Nutritionist

All the goodness, none of the gristle.

Ancestral Supplements: Why Beef Liver Capsules Could Change Your Life, According To A Nutritionist

Image: Cell Squared

The ancestral diet — along with its poster boy, beef liver capsules – is nutrition’s hottest trend. But what exactly are ancestral supplements and what can they do for you?

Despite the overwhelming amount of information out there about all the vitamins and protein powders that we should all apparently be taking — along with the undeniably annoying antics of the Liver King doing his absolute best to disgrace the ancestral diet alongside his own reputation — the dieting and lifestyle phenomenon has continued to gain a surprising amount of traction with the general public. But why?

Given that one of the central nutritional pillars of the diet is the consumption of somewhat unorthodox foodstuffs such as beef liver, it has come as a shock to many that the diet has found such popularity in the mainstream. This is undoubtedly thanks in part to the rise of an industry focused on producing easier-to-swallow supplements that promote all the goodness of eating things like beef liver without any of the grizzly gristle.

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Spearheaded by Melbourne-based company Cell Squared, we wanted to sit down with nutritionist Steph Lowe to find out exactly what the ancestral diet is and how the meteoric rise of ancestral supplements could change the wellness game.

WATCH: Don’t let the recently disgraced ‘Liver King’ put you off the ancestral way.

The Essence of the Ancestral Diet

The ancestral diet is centred on the idea of replicating the nutritional and lifestyle practices of our ancestors, harking back to a time before refined sugars, grains, and industrial seed oils infiltrated our plates. By embracing this dietary philosophy, individuals aim to steer clear of foods that may contribute to chronic inflammation and disease. Steph Lowe delves into the intricacies of this dietary approach and the reasons behind its growing popularity:

“The ancestral diet is a way of eating that is based on the foods that our ancestors consumed before the advent of modern agriculture and industrialisation. It emphasises whole, unprocessed, organic, and natural foods that can be obtained from hunting, fishing, and gathering.”

Steph Lowe

The Tenets of Ancestral Diet

The million dollar question for many who may have seen ancestral lifestyles bandied around on social media but rarely given enough attention by experts is this: “What exactly is an ‘ancestral diet'”?

Lowe elucidates that one thing the ancestral diet is not is a monolithic concept. Rather, it should be understood as a flexible framework that hails from cultural backgrounds and emphasises a return to whole, unprocessed, and locally sourced foods.

Let’s break down the philosophy a little further:

  • Emphasis on Whole Foods: The ancestral diet champions the consumption of nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory whole foods, eschewing refined and genetically modified products.
  • A Holistic Approach to Meat: An intriguing aspect of the ancestral diet is its “nose-to-tail” approach to meat consumption. This entails relishing the entire animal, including organs. Liver — a nutritional powerhouse teeming with vitamin B12, vitamin A, iron, and more — finds a special place in this dietary regime. This is where Cell Squared’s Beef Liver capsules come in handy…
  • Ditching Processed Foods: Processed and refined foods are cast aside in favour of natural, unaltered sources that honour the body’s evolutionary history.
  • Quality Matters: Prioritizing animal foods that are grass-fed, pasture-raised, wild-caught, or organic forms a cornerstone of the ancestral diet.
  • Plant Diversity: The inclusion of seasonal, local, organic, and properly prepared plant-based foods contributes to the rich tapestry of this dietary approach.
Whole foods are the whole deal. Image: Unsplash

Research-Backed Benefits

With all the fervour on social media around the ancestral diet, you might wonder how much research-based scientific backing actually exists, given the way out viral culture is prone to blowing dietary trends out of proportion for the sake of inflated views, likes, and shares.

According to Lowe, a plethora of research reinforces the positive impacts of this dietary philosophy:

“There are many studies that support these benefits. A randomised controlled trial found that a paleo diet improved glucose tolerance, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and waist circumference compared to a standard diet in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Another study showed that a paleo diet reduced markers of inflammation and oxidative stress in healthy volunteers. A meta-analysis of 11 trials concluded that a paleo diet was more effective than other diets for weight loss and cardiovascular risk factors.”

Steph Lowe

Embarking on Your Ancestral Journey

The pathway to an ancestral diet is as diverse as the individuals who embark upon it. The foundations of this journey are built upon more than just food; it’s a holistic lifestyle that merges diet and evolutionary heritage. Steph Lowe advises embracing principles such as balanced macronutrients, seasonal plant consumption, mindful eating, and conscious intermittent fasting.

A Journey Beyond Food

The ancestral diet goes beyond what’s on the plate. It entails adopting a harmonious lifestyle that encompasses a natural circadian rhythm, regular outdoor activities, effective stress management, meaningful connections, and a sense of purpose:

“Ancestral eating is not only about food. It is also about adopting a holistic lifestyle that supports our well-being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual.”

Steph Lowe

Some lifestyle factors to consider including in your transition to the ancestral diet are as follows:

  • Getting enough sleep and following a natural circadian rhythm.
  • Moving your body in diverse and functional ways.
  • Spending time outdoors and getting adequate — but always safe — sun exposure.
  • Breathing deeply and managing stress as effectively as you can.
  • Regularly connecting with ourselves, others, and nature.
  • Actively cultivating a sense of purpose and meaning in life.
Getting in a good sleep is a key part of the equation. Image: US Sun

A Success Story of Transformation

Still not convinced? We asked Lowe to tell us one of her greatest success stories with a client that she had helped transition to an ancestral diet. The results in this particular case are undeniably remarkable…

“I have a Type 2 Diabetes client well on his way to remission following an ancestral approach with intermittent fasting and the addition of organs. He started with an HbA1c of 7.8% and is down to 6.7% in less than 3 months, after trying for 3 years with conventional diabetes management and only getting worse! He has greater energy, is fuller for longer, has noticed his gym performance improving and has dropped a belt size!”

Steph Lowe

All in all, Steph Lowe makes a pretty compelling case for giving the ancestral diet a go. With products like Cell Squared’s Beef Liver Capsules making it easier than ever to consume those slightly leftfield nutritional bulwarks, there’s never been a better time to get in touch with your inner ancestor and see what lessons they’ve yet to teach us.

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