Best Vitamins For Men 2022: The Vitamins & Minerals You Need To Achieve Optimum Health

Improve your health with an extra helping of men's vitamins.

To achieve peak health, consuming key nutrients is vital and what better way to ensure this than by taking a daily dose of essential vitamins to boost wellness. Men’s vitamins can support many health benefits, including heart health, immune health, prostate health and mental health. Also, for athletes, there’s no shortage of premium vitamins out there, elevating muscle function, muscle restoration and energy levels to secure performance enhancement.

While a healthy diet and fitness regimen is the best natural way to boost your vitamin levels, it sometimes isn’t enough, which is why you should consider taking extras to top you up. For instance, while Vitamin D is found in foods such as salmon, sardines, milk, cheese and orange juice, taking additional Vitamin D supplements can help absorb calcium, promotes bone health and can prevent colon cancer.

But in a market with so many vitamins on offer, finding trustworthy supplements can be a challenge, which is why we’ve broken down a few crucial elements to look out for…

Features Of The Best Vitamins For Men

High-Quality Ingredients

This one is really a no brainer, as you want safe and high performing ingredients infused in supplements to achieve the best health results. While you might not expect a health product to contain any nasties, the fact remains, some lower quality products do.

Ensure your vitamins do not contain harmful chemicals, including parabens and nanoparticles. These ingredients can contribute to many chronic health issues, such as certain types of cancers and problems with the heart and liver. Ingredients must be scientifically supported through extensive testing and research.

Third-Party Testing

Speaking of testing, it’s not enough for the company to test their vitamins and minerals themselves; you want to make sure that supplements have received certification from outside health organisations, making them safe and effective. Men’s vitamins and minerals need to comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations as well as the standards the Food and Drug Administration have set, to help organisations assure the vitamins are the correct identity, strength, purity and quality. Also, these guidelines ensure companies follow responsible and safe manufacturing, so their vitamin formulas don’t contain harmful ingredients or chemicals.


To help build trust with customers, vitamin companies need to be highly transparent about their products to ensure safety while promising each product will deliver what the label says. Transparency is established through open communication between companies and their customers, cultivating a space where information is accessed easily. Companies need to reveal their manufacturing methods and the ingredients so each customer knows exactly what they’re putting into their body.

Lastly, we can’t stress enough before taking any vitamins, consult a health care provider to make sure these products are suitable for your body and meet all your health goals.

Men’s Vitamins FAQs

Is it better to take men’s vitamins in the morning or at night?

Morning is the best time to take multivitamins and any B vitamins. According to clinical nutritionist Neil Levinhey, these men’s vitamins will help stimulate metabolism and brain functions best utilised during the day instead of night. Taking these supplements at night could overstimulate the brain, making it difficult to relax and sleep. Also, make sure you’ve eaten beforehand, as you can feel very sick taking vitamins on an empty stomach.

Should you take men’s multivitamins every day?

Consume your multivitamins daily to secure better health and wellness. However, if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, multivitamins won’t act as an insurance policy. Multivitamins need to be consumed alongside a healthy diet and fitness regimen to work properly.

Is it okay to take men’s vitamins?

When taking fat-soluble vitamins, be careful, as excess amounts can lead to headaches, liver damage, and weaker bones. Before taking any men’s vitamins, seek professional medical advice to ensure you’re consuming the appropriate amount.

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