Meet Liver King, The Steroid Loving Internet Sensation

How much are you willing to change?

Meet Liver King, The Steroid Loving Internet Sensation

Image: @liverking

Have you noticed a certain jacked, bearded man taking over your Instagram feed, lifting crazy amounts of weight and eating ridiculous amounts of raw meat?

He calls himself the Liver King and has attracted massive amounts of fame and controversy after claiming to switch out modern comforts for old-school ways of living, just like our ancestors used to.

Chief to the reasoning for calling himself the Liver King, the man chooses to eat liver on a daily basis, praising it for its nutritional benefits. He’s also talked up the benefits of eating animal testicles, too.

But, who exactly is Liver King, what messages does he preach, how did he make his money and where does he live? Allow us to answer all these questions and more.

Liver King Quick Facts

Name: Brian Johnson
Age: 45-46
Date Of Birth: Unknown
Nationality:American, lives in Texas
Height: 5ft 7in / 1.7m
Relationship Status: Married
Spouse: Bozena aka Liver Queen
Net Worth: US$310 million (Self-Proclaimed)
Instagram: @liverking – 2.2m followers
TikTok: @liverking – 5.1m followers

Who Is Liver King?

Liver King – real name Brian Johnson – is a social media personality who pushes the message of living an Ancestral Lifestyle in order to be physically and mentally healthy. He calls himself Liver King because of his love for eating animal liver as a nutritionally-dense source of food.

While he may be a regular poster on social media, details of his personal life remain relatively scarce. He refers to his wife as “Liver Queen,” and his sons as, “Savage Liver Boys.”

What we do know about Liver King, is that he is the CEO of four separate businesses that all sell and market supplements and protein powders that promise to help you get just as jacked as him.

What Is Liver King’s Ancestral Lifestyle?

Liver King posing topless.
Image: @liverking

Formed around 9 ancestral tenets, the self-proclaimed Liver King has created his Ancestral Lifestyle program because “The human body has been perfectly conditioned for an environment that no longer exists.”

He further claims that “By living ancestrally, we overcome obstacles between ourselves and true health and happiness. We rewrite the mismatch between who we are and the environment in which we live.”

The 9 ancestral tenets include:

  • Sleep – improving the quality by winding down early in the evening, eating your last meal several hours before you go to bed and ditching the phone too.
  • Eat – remove processed foods, seed oils and liquid calories from your diet.
  • Move – Brian takes three 30 minute walks everyday; “The well-being that builds from balanced movement trumps the need for consumption-based satisfaction.”
  • Shield – protecting ourselves from modern dangers such as Wi-Fi, fluoride and seed oils; “Dangers like these end up compounding and with an additive effect, they disrupt our hormones, metabolism and ability to get deep sleep.”
  • Connect – Take off your shoes next time you go for a walk and connect to the earth beneath your feet. This can help improve both your sleep quality and blood pressure.
  • Cold – Another to champion the use of ice baths, jumping into cold rivers and lakes, or even just taking a cold shower, Brian says we should expose ourselves to cold environments to help improve blood circulation and build our resilience to stress.
  • Sun – Mid-day sun gives us plenty of vitamin D, “which works synergistically with the other fat-soluble vitamins A and K,” found in liver and bone marrow.
  • Fight – While Brian doesn’t expect us to pick a fight with the next guy we see walking down the street, he means we should set ourselves goals and aspirations, and once we’ve achieved them, we’ll revel in the release of dopamine.
  • Bond – Referring to purpose, and how our ancestors made it their purpose to protect those around them by building shelter and hunting for food. Today, Brian admits we no longer need to worry about these things as much, but does say we should “put away the phones and just spend time with loved ones and friends… we’ve always needed each other… we still do!”

He goes into some further description on his website, and many of his teachings aren’t necessarily radical ideas but when combined together they have the potential to bring you a more rewarding life.

Liver King Diet

Liver King posing with a large liver.
Image: @liverking

Liver King’s diet consists primarily of liver, hence the name he’s given himself. Liver King says he consumes liver on a daily basis, along with other delicacies such as bone marrow, chicken hearts and turkey hearts.

He’s also been known to feast on bull testicles due to their supposed nutritional benefits.

How Old Is Liver King?

Liver King’s date of birth remains unknown. However, according to a BuzzFeed News article published in March 2022, he was at the time of publishing. This means that in 2023 he is 45 years old and in 2024 will turn 46 years old.

How Tall Is Liver King?

Again, Liver King’s official height also remains unknown, but some users on Reddit believe him to be around 5ft 6in or 5ft 7in / 1.7m

Where does Liver King live?

Liver King lives with his family and his two Doberman dogs in a huge, 8,300 sq/ft mansion in Austin, Texas. In some videos posted to his social media accounts, he reveals that he and his wife sleep on an incredibly minimal bed, which uses some plywood platforms as the base, with some thin woollen pads on top for a bit of comfort.

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He adds that he doesn’t allow mobile phones or any kind of radiowaves to enter the bedroom and so has installed Faraday curtains on the windows to block any waves from passing through.

Liver King Net Worth

Liver King has a massive self-estimated net worth of US$310 million. The majority of his wealth has come from his supplements brands, the most well-known of which is called Ancestral Supplements.

Liver King says these supplements “are for individuals seeking fundamental (Liver, Bone Marrow, Organs) and targeted support (like supports like) in harmony with nature — the old fashioned way, the way that our early ancestors did.”

Check out some of the Liver King’s incredible workouts in the video below.

Liver King’s Wife

A lot of misinformation has been floating around online about Liver King’s wife, so we wanted to set the record straight. Her name is Bozena, she’s around 50 years old and hails from Hajnowka, Poland. Mother to six — two human children and four Doberman dogs — she also runs a booming beauty business called Krowa.

Since moving from Poland to the US at fifteen years old, Liver King’s wife quickly fell in love with Johnson’s views on family, health, toxic masculinity, and all-round ancestral lifestyle.

Liver King Exposed & Apology

In late 2022, a leaked email revealed that Liver King was using over US$10,000 worth of steroids per month in order to maintain his enviable physique.

As a result, he quickly took to social media, releasing an apology video that made clear exactly what substances he had been using and confessing the longevity of his use to his audience:

“I’m making this video to apologise because I f**ked up.”

Brian Johnson aka Liver King

In addition that admitting that he “f*cked up” and misled many people, he revealed that his prior claims to have never touched such drugs were in fact “lies”, a revelation that caused him “shame” and “embarrassment”.

A screenshot from Liver King's video confessing to steroid use.
Liver King released a video confessing to steroid use and apologising. Image: YouTube

Nevertheless, Johnson also took the opportunity to make it clear that “the Liver King was an experiment to spread a message”, and that even though he hadn’t been entirely honest with viewers his overall mission had been to raise awareness for high suicide rates among men suffering from depression.

Saying that he “only had himself to blame”, he committed to “being better” and talking openly about his use before cutting back on steroids altogether. He has since appeared much less muscle-heavy than before, with some claiming that he has lost up to 20kg since quitting steroids.

Liver King Ab Implants

In the wake of revelations about his steroid use, Liver King quickly became vulnerable to a number of other accusations about his body and how he had attained such impressive results. One of the most common accusations was that he had ab implants inserted.

In an effort to address these concerns, Liver King released a series of videos where he visited Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Barrett who examined him to determine whether implants were present. The doctor determined that Liver King does not have ab implants.

Speaking about his doctor visit, Liver King said this:

“I have an obligation to my tribe… to take massive goddam action and do whatever it takes to earn back your trust.”

Brian Johnson aka Liver King
Liver King released a video of a doctor visit where it was confirmed he does not have ab impants. Image: Instagram

Bed Rest and More

Brian worried fans after he posted a concerning video of himself on bed rest in his backyard. Brian Johnson stated in the video that he was following doctor’s orders by remaining on a day bed and ‘not working out’. Liver King is known to be optimistic. He stated that ‘there’s always 126 ways to solve, to figure out, to progress, to evolve’. In the video, with the help of a woman not shown, he went ahead to complete a lower body workout defying doctor’s orders. He risked losing his eyes after being knocked out. He wore an eye patch while addressing his fans in the video. He stated he could see out of one of his eyes but the other was still hurt. Brian’s alter ego, Liver Nerd, calls out Liver King (himself) for being a carnivore while Liver Nerd, being a vegetarian, rants.


The Liver King reflected on his life as he had once contemplated suicide because he felt weaponless, weak with no self-worth. The self-acclaimed CEO of the Ancestral Tenets has 100 companies to his name. According to him, the 9 tenets Ancestry saved his marriage, himself, and his children.

Comfort Negates Productivity

He also states that he didn’t value sleeping on soft beds because it was comforting. Comfort is not good for the organism, Comfort is where they want to keep you. For a man to live up to his potentials, he must move out of his comfort zone.

Principle of Giving

His wife, Liver Queen, praised the principle of giving into her husband’s life. A time where they barely had enough. She had requested $250 to gift cleaners and other menial workers. According to him, it didn’t make sense, but he found a way. He realizes that the principle of giving is one the universe supports. When you give, you get it back 1000 times.

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