Liver King Sends Brutally Clear Message To Vegans Everywhere

(Don't) trust the process... Liver king knows the 411.

Liver King Sends Brutally Clear Message To Vegans Everywhere

Society loves to find ways to divide the population. Whether it’s by way of the political party you support, your opinions surrounding religion or whether you’re ‘team tomato sauce’ or ‘team barbeque,’ finding ways to put forth our views to an opposing group is something many people thrive off.

One of the most hotly contested differences in opinion is the carnivore vs vegan diet. Time and time again we see vegans and activists staging protests in public centres, only for meat-eaters to tuck into a KFC or some other fast food, taunting the vegans in the process. It’s completely unnecessary behaviour, but as we said, it sends a clear message.

Speaking of which, Liver King, the man who is very much in favour of a meat-first diet comprising liver, bone marrow, testicles and pretty much every other edible part of an animal, has just made his opinions on the vegan lifestyle (one that’s based off processed food, anyway) very clear.

But of course, being the extroverted American man he is, the Liver King uses an air rifle to shoot a Beyond Burger – a plant-based burger “that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef,” – to really make sure those watching truly understand his views on the vegan lifestyle.

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Although, judging by the caption on his video, the Liver King appears to be more judgemental of processed foods, rather than the vegan lifestyle as a whole.

“There’s only one way I’m coming into contact with the Beyond Meat patty. That’s with a rifle in my hand, shooting the beefless beef and its health halo into the…Wait for it…Beyond,” he says.

“Precisely where it (and other heavily processed substitutes) belong.”

He adds: “If you’re a vegan dominating life, thriving w/ robust energy, drive, mental acuity and free of low manhood, cavities, depression, anxiety, infertility, autoimmune and chronic disease, then stay the course and keep kicking ass!” His words of course insinuate that those who choose a vegan lifestyle may suffer from some or all of the related health effects.

“If you’re not, simply try the 8 ‘vegan-friendly’ Ancestral Tenets (Sleep, Move, Shield, Connect, Cold, Sun, Fight & Bond).”

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He then attempts to once again preach the power of eating liver.

“If you continue to struggle, try lacto-ovo vegetarianism,” – the most common type of vegetarianism which allows for the consumption of dairy and eggs.”

“If you continue to struggle, try some good ‘ol fashioned Liver (raw or cooked) and let there be light!”

Watch the Liver King knock back 50 eggs in the video below