Liver King’s ‘Girlfriend’ Workout Could Be Your Ticket To Abs Of Steel

Absurd but awesome.

Liver King’s ‘Girlfriend’ Workout Could Be Your Ticket To Abs Of Steel

Video: Liver King’s ‘Ball & Chain’ Workout

Fitness maniac Liver King (aka Brian Johnson), an Ameican man who uses his body as a visceral advertisement for various nutrition and supplement products (and to inspire people to eat animal organs), has come out with yet another wild workout which is probably designed simply to get people talking about it, but which is so absurd we can’t help but give it airtime anyway.

The, as we like to call it, ‘ball and chain’ workout, involves draping yourself in chains, picking up a couple of kettlebells, and attaching yourself to a flashy sports boat, before walking along and dragging the boat along behind you.

Though, as the other article we wrote this morning delved into, we shouldn’t take old dating stereotypes like ‘ball and chain’ too seriously (as, among other things, they can lead to a sad, boring and lonely dating life), the comparison in this instance was too good to pass up.

In any case, this workout, should you happen to have a lake, a boat, chains, and kettlebells at your disposal could be your ticket to seriously working out your abs, shoulders, and legs.

If not, simply enjoy watching it, and allow yourself to be inspired by Liver King’s words of encouragement.

Liver King captioned the workout video: “Most people see a beautiful day as an opportunity to sit back and relax. To be clear, Liver King sees a blue sky the same way I see rain or snow.”

“That’s just another opportunity to earn the hell outta the life I behold.”

“Before I spend the day on the boat, you better believe I’m pulling it across the lake first… bare feet slipping in the mud… chains around my neck and kettlebells in both hands…”

Liver King also said that you can still find a way to struggle even if you don’t own expensive maritime equipment: “Make no excuses, Primal. You don’t need a boat or a body of water to create struggle. Just find something heavy and strive until your blood f**king burns!”

“Then, and only then, have you truly earned yourself the spoils of the modern world…”

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