‘Two Paths’ A Man Can Take At 74 Will Blow Your Mind

"Choose your path."

‘Two Paths’ A Man Can Take At 74 Will Blow Your Mind

Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger Pumping Iron At 74

There’s not a lot Austrian-born American bodybuilder, film actor and former politician Arnold Schwarzenegger has in common with Donald Trump (besides the fact that they have both been involved in politics). 

But one thing they do share: they are of a similar age. At the time of writing, Trump is 75 and Schwarzenegger is 74. And there was a period of time last year in which they were both 74. During this period, motivational business account @businessrealm, made the following observation on Instagram. 

“Choose your path,” they wrote.

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They then posted a photo of Arnie looking ripped and Trump slumping on a bench.

Now, before you throw your V-Form Trainer at our heads, or spit out your Man Shake with outrage, yes, the image of Arnie does appear to be photoshopped. But looking at other recent photos of The Governator (see below), the point still stands – he’s in incredible shape.

Left, Arnie showing off his biceps. Right, Arnie doing a bicep curl. Both images via @schwarzenegger

Trump, on the other hand, looks much more like a 75-year-old. Of all of Trump’s failings, though, it seems this is something a lot of Instagram users don’t hold against him, with many social media users arguing it’s unnatural to look as ripped as Arnie at 74 or 75.

“Being in good shape is one thing, but… Arnie’s heart might actually be under more stress than Trump’s” one Instagram user wrote.

Another said: “I’d rather be rich and lazy.” Further comments included: “steroids is not the path lmao” and “HGH or cheeseburgers.”

If you do it carefully, however, maintaining a workout routine into your twilight years can be a real boost to your life. This 64-year-old man, for instance, went viral last year for performing calisthenic movements people half his age would run away screaming from.

Oh, and how could we forget the story of Bob, an 87-year-old man, blipped onto our radar by CrossFit Especially Awesome, who is a retired marine colonel, who also happens to have Parkinson’s, and who is a bit of a legend at sled pushing.

According to CrossFit Especially Awesome: “[Bob’s] doctor told him to exercise and referred him to CFEA for this class. He called and showed up and has faithfully come three times a week, putting in the work.”

“He never whines. Never complains. No excuses. Displays grit and gratitude. Be like Bob.”

As we wrote last year, Bob’s story serves as a perfect reminder that you’re never too old, or that it’s never too late, to workout.

The benefits of keeping your body moving and keeping your joints healthy are many and varied. And you don’t need to put yourself through a gruelling strength workout to do so. Doing something as simple as walking each day can improve your cardio.

Or if you are feeling up for something a little bit more hardcore, you can always drop by your local fitness studio. Images from all around the world show many people who are in their 50s and 60s (Bob still remains an outlier at 87) working out with the young people in group fitness classes.

The choice is yours…

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