64-Year-Old Man’s Stunning Workout Proves Age Really Is Just A Number

"Dudes half your age can't do that."

64-Year-Old Man’s Stunning Workout Proves Age Really Is Just A Number

You don’t have to let your fitness drop as you get more wrinkly. With high-profile celebrities such as The Rock, Mark Wahlberg, Terry Crews and even Lenny Kravitz all rocking ridiculously enviable rigs, achieved through a combination of serious workouts and smart fork shovelling, we’ve repeated this message time and time again here at DMARGE.

But these guys have to ensure they look good so they can keep landing movie roles, or so they can have their photo grace the cover of magazines. What about the Average Joe? The guy who doesn’t go in search of fame, or for his poster to be hung up on bedroom walls all around the country? With less of an incentive, why would you commit yourself to keeping fit in your later years, as opposed to enjoying a well-earned retirement?

It seems one man didn’t get the memo about easing up in your later years, as a video portraying a 64-year-old American has surfaced online – via Complex – showing him performing workouts and movements that most guys half his age would run away from. The man in the video on the original Ripright account has him tagged as @riprightshati, but the account no longer exists. His name is the least of our worries, however, as a man of his age shouldn’t be able to perform the spins and the muscle-ups on the chin-up bar that he does so smoothly in this video. [Watch above]

Not only does he perform a faultless pull-up, he continues to lift his entire frame high up above the bar, a movement that much harder than getting upstairs without a stairlift. After spinning round the bar a couple of times like an Olympic gymnast, he then holds his body still, parallel to the floor, and pumps his legs forwards and backwards.

Not only that, but he then twists his entire lower body, torching his obliques in the process, to move his legs once again. Best of all (or worst, depending on how you look at it) is he doesn’t even break a sweat.

The amount of core strength he has makes us question our life choices and reassess our gym programs.

The proclaimed “strongest 64 year old alive” appears in other videos on the Ripright account working out with guys much younger than him.

Complex Instagram followers were also very enamoured with his Air Force Nikes.

While it’s certainly uncommon to find someone of this man’s age in such incredible shape, with other names such as Greg Norman & Joe Rogan proving you really can get strong, even in your 50s and 60s, there is plenty of inspiration around for the older generation to get themselves ultra-fit, should they choose.

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