Biggest Lessons Tourists Have Learned At The Qatar World Cup

"I am absolutely horrified we only use toilet paper in the Uk/Europe."

Biggest Lessons Tourists Have Learned At The Qatar World Cup

Image Credit: Qatar Tourism

It’s not just Dembele who will go home from World Cup 2022 having learnt a very valuable lesson (don’t get beat at the corner flag and then push your rival over in the box), but also the fans.

Qatar 2022 has been a big learning experience. We’ve discovered Messi may finally have won a World Cup but he’ll still never get a decent photo with the trophy. We’ve learnt Argentina’s goalkeeper loves a hip thrust. We’ve learned Mbappe really is the second coming of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Those fans fortunate enough to travel to the World Cup also had some learning moments of their own. One fan, David Vujanic, for instance, said he will be reluctant to go back to toilet paper when he gets back to the UK.

“Been using the toilet bum shower thing in qatar for a month…I am absolutely horrified we only use toilet paper in the Uk/Europe. This is the best thing ever man.”

He added: “I’ve used a bidet in France, it’s decent but it’s too big, this is a simple high pressure shower head, more functional and easily adaptable. Will be investing when back in london. My bum is very thankful.”

This isn’t the only lesson tourists have learnt in Qatar. Beyond the lesson that bum guns are great, tourists also learned, apparently, how nice the people can be in Qatar, and how kind they can be to foreigners. One tourist said, when asked about their first impressions of Qatar: “For me, the people are the best.”

Another called the Qatari locals “the nicest people ever.” Yet another described them as “friendly and hospitable.”

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Yet another lesson was the fact that beer isn’t easily accessible everywhere in the world. In Qatar, for instance, in some cases, you have to get used to walking – sometimes for miles – for a beer. One English fan and journalist found this out the hard way, when he walked 11km to quench his thirst for a lager.

Doha from the air. Image Credit: Getty

Other lessons travellers who have been to Qatar have shared with the Internet include the fact that it’s not easy to get pork in Qatar, the work week is from Sunday until Thursday, only a small percentage of Qatar is Qatari, PDA is a risky business and giving someone the rude finger could land you in prison.

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There you have it – some considerations to crunch the next time you head over to Qatar.

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