British Man Who Lost 136kg Shares Body Transformation Secrets & Unexpected Side Effects

"I knew I had it in me."

British Man Who Lost 136kg Shares Body Transformation Secrets & Unexpected Side Effects


In an astonishing weight loss journey, a British man has revealed the secrets behind his incredible body transformation after shedding a staggering 136 kilograms.

It’s been a big month for body transformations: not only did an American man shed a massive 160kg before revealing a pretty shocking side effect, but internet superstar MrBeast also revealed his own impressive weight loss journey, which quickly drew high praise from the godfather of bodybuilding himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, a British man has entered the fray, unveiling a stunning overhaul of his physique to the world.

Jonathan Hodgson, a 36-year-old electrician from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, had struggled with his weight his entire life. Starting at 254 kilograms (40 stone), Hodgson had always been a big kid but, over time, allowed being a big guy “became part of his persona”, as reported by Yahoo UK. Although he experienced some success at shifting the weight at the impressively young age of twenty-one — losing around 51 kilograms (8 stone) — he eventually regained all the weight and then some.

As was the case for so many people, the turning point came in 2020 when — finding himself stuck at home thanks to the COVID-19 lockdowns — Hodgson came across the motivational fitness videos of Pete Shaw, the owner of Barnsley Barbell. Inspired by the daily videos that Shaw was uploading, hoping to motivate people who were trapped at home to take care of themselves and exercise wherever possible, Hodgson decided to reach out.

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Hodgson vividly recalls the moment that motivated him to take action. While watching one of Shaw’s fitness boot camp videos in his kitchen, his wife asked the obvious but all-important question of why Hodgson was watching so many videos — and openly becoming inspired by them — but hadn’t yet taken any action. Hodgson’s response was one that many of us struggling with our weight might be prone to offer up, but it stuck in Hodgson’s mind: “I’ll sort it out one day.”

The final straw was actually a funny twist of fate born from a mistake we all make embarrassingly often: an accidentally sent message. Hodgson had seen that Shaw’s gym was doing its final call or a 28-day weight loss boot camp; Hoidgson drafted a response and, out of nerves, had decided to leave it unsent… But his finger slipped. Luckily for him, Shaw came back with an enthusiastic response that guaranteed results. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since that fateful day, Hodgson’s life has totally transformed. He now visits the gym five days a week, and simple tasks that were once an immense challenge — such as walking or climbing stairs — are easier than ever. The positive impact of his weight loss extends far beyond physical changes, however. Not only does Hodgson consider himself a far better, hands-on husband and father, but he’s also enjoyed a massive boom to his business, given that he can get through jobs much faster and therefore take on more work.

The mental health impact should not be underestimated either: While Hodgson once felt ashamed of his previous weight, he now embraces his journey and hopes that sharing his story will inspire others to follow in his footsteps. His next step in the weight loss journey — much like our aforementioned American friend, who also had to endure this particularly cruel unexpected side effect — is surgery to remove the swathes of excess skin, which is scheduled for March next year.

Hodgson at the start of his incredible journey. Image: @half_theman
Hodgson now after his remarkable change of lifestyle. Image: @half_theman

Channelling the one and only David Goggins, Hodgson emphasizes the importance of discipline over motivation:

“Don’t rely on motivation. You need to focus on discipline because motivation comes and goes, whereas discipline stays regardless of whether you’re motivated. Whatever you’re wanting to do, you’ll achieve it if you have the right mindset.”

Jonathan Hodgson

All in all, this is an undeniably inspiring story, but what really stands out for this writer is the delicate but potent cocktail of discipline and chance that have come together to make Hodgson’s journey possible. As a very wise lady once told me: “it’s better to be lucky than to be good”, but being both clearly doesn’t hurt.