Arnold Schwarzenegger Weighs In On MrBeast’s Controversial Body Transformation

"Keep pumping and inspiring people!"

Arnold Schwarzenegger Weighs In On MrBeast’s Controversial Body Transformation


YouTube sensation MrBeast — real name Jimmy Donaldson — recently took to Twitter to share his remarkable weight loss journey through ‘before and after’ photos that shook the internet. The post quickly caught the attention of thousands worldwide, including one unexpected fan: none other than bodybuilding legend and action-movie icon Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Losing weight isn’t easy, and it’s precisely that challenging aspect of getting in shape — the unwavering commitment, self-discipline, and self-belief required — that makes body transformations so impressive. From A-list movie stars like Will Poulter all the way to your average American bloke, any transformation is worthy of praise, no matter who you are or where you come from.

Joining a swathe of bulky billionaires — who seem to have made a habit of sharing their fitness fanaticism and questionable drug habits in equal measure — MrBeast caught the eye of his massive twenty-million-strong Twitter following as he recounted the moment he knew that his lifestyle needed to change. Realizing that he had inadvertently become “obese”, after focusing so intently on the success of his YouTube channel, Donaldson began to forge an entirely new regimen and brand new body along with it:

“I started lifting and walking 12,500 steps a day.”


Acknowledging that he still has a long way to go before achieving his dream physique, MrBeast was right to express satisfaction with his progress so far. Though fans were divided, with some followers quick to criticise — one demanded a little “more work on the pecs” — the majority of his fans flooded the comments section with enthusiasm and support, applauding his newfound love for training and commitment to a healthier lifestyle. One comment, however, garnered a little more attention than the others…

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Among the sea of admirers was the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger, who chimed in himself only a week after inviting fellow celebrity fitness legend Chris Hemsworth to come and train with him during a Netflix promotional event where the pair were scheduled to appear together. Offering characteristic praise and encouragement, Arnie invited Donaldson out to the West Coast for a training session that will doubtless generate some popular content for the MrBeast channel:

“Wow – fantastic work… Keep pumping and inspiring people! Let me know if you’re in LA and want to get a lift in.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Understandably, Donaldson couldn’t contain his excitement, quickly replying “Yo, that’d be awesome.” It seems that Donaldson was after more than some good content, however, confessing to a “newfound respect” for fitness fanatics after taking up some of their habits himself. When MrBeast shared the original transition photos, he rounded off the post with a good-humoured quip that hinted at the gruelling but rewarding nature of the journey he’d embarked on: “I have a newfound respect for jacked people, this takes forever lol”.

In a conversation on YouTube’s The Colin and Samir Show, MrBeast revealed further details about his recent commitment to getting in shape, confessing that he and a fellow YouTuber — whom Donaldson simply referred to as “Eric” (potentially Eric Decker a.k.a. Airrack) — had signed a contract wherein they vowed to work out together every day. The threatened consequence for failing to meet this commitment? Getting tattoos of each other’s face… quite the sword of Damocles, indeed.

Flexing not only his new rig but also his commitment to some of the most important if underrated fitness tenets, MrBeast emphasized the importance of rest days within his rigorous program. Having said this, the internet star also boasted that he had worked out religiously for the past 310 days, holding each other accountable to their strange if powerful pact. In the realms of viral content and fitness alike, MrBeast is proving to be an unstoppable force.

Now that Schwarzenegger’s in his corner too, we may be about to witness a transformation of more than Donaldson’s delts: could this be the start of Donaldson’s journey from internet star to Hollywood A-lister? Time will tell, but suffice it to say, I’ll be back…