American Man’s Incredible Fitness Transformation Stuns The Internet

"We done it man."

American Man’s Incredible Fitness Transformation Stuns The Internet

Images via TikTok (@taylor_gains)

An American man’s 9-month fitness transformation has left the Internet shook, proving what is possible to achieve in less than a year.

TikTok user @taylor_gains has left the Internet stunned after losing 130 pounds (58kg) in 9 months. He posted a video to TikTok documenting the fitness transformation, captioning it: “We done it man.”

WATCH: American man shows off 9 month fitness transformation

The video begins with Taylor sitting in a paddle pool looking a bit sorry for himself (at the beginning of the journey) before flicking to him sitting at a table looking happier and then in the gym looking absolutely shredded.

Impressed TikTok users made such remarks as: “I don’t know you, but I’m proud of you.” Another said: “Well done man! What a massive accomplishment. You can now achieve anything you put your mind to. Go on and be a great success story.”

Others said the video had in turn inspired them, with comments like “This is the inspiration I needed” and “this brought me to tears and strengthened my determination, thank you so much” rolling in.

Taylor appears to credit motivational icon, endurance athlete and former navy seal David Goggins with inspiring him, and when asked in the comments what he did in terms of diet and exercise he said “OMAD and run.” In his bio he also says he is going to do a half marathon “soon.”

On top of that, he claimed in a separate video “in 6 months I’ll have the best leg transformation on TikTok.”

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According to Webmd, the OMAD (one meal a day) diet is a type of intermittent fasting, “which alternates between periods throughout the day in which you can eat anything and periods in which you don’t eat at all.”

According to Webmd the pros of the OMAD diet is that, though it’s not a magic bullet, it may help some people achieve their weight loss goals, and may improve your metabolism. More research into it is needed though, and the cons are that the OMAD diet is strict, and there’s no conclusive evidence that it works for weight control (Webmd says: “Whether it’s worth the discomfort depends on your tolerance and body chemistry”).

It can also be difficult to sustain and make you hungrier and is no more effective than calorie reduction. There are also some safety concerns for anyone with diabetes or cardiovascular disease thinking of trying OMAD that they should discuss with their GP before making any major changes too their diet.