David Goggins, Motivational Fitness Guru, Is Coming To Australia

Prepare yourselves for some brutal words.

David Goggins, Motivational Fitness Guru, Is Coming To Australia

David Goggins, one of our favourite inspirational athletes here at DMARGE, has announced he is coming to Australia for a couple of events that you simply can’t miss if you’re lacking the motivation to get yourself into shape.

Former Navy SEAL David Goggins regularly posts content on his Instagram account, telling us all how we’re basically lazy pieces of s**t if we’re not spending every waking moment focusing on bettering ourselves. Whether that’s through various fitness disciplines such as running or lifting weights or simply telling yourself that you “won’t negotiate with yourself,” David is a man who many should look up to.

And now, Australians can get the chance to be told to Carry The Canoe in person by the man himself in February 2023. With two scheduled events labelled “Adapt or Die”; one in Melbourne and one in Sydney, the endurance athlete will no doubt be leaning on his Navy SEAL training to deliver a speech capable of transforming your life.

The event will offer fans the chance to meet David, get a copy of David’s book signed (his upcoming book will be released by the time the events roll around) and even participate in a workout which we can only assume will really sort the men from the boys.

If you’re unaware of exactly who David Goggins is, or why you should listen to anything he has to say, may we remind you that at 47 years old, he continues to defy what is expected of someone his age. He continues to complete marathon-distance runs on pretty much a daily (from what we can tell) basis and has figured out the formula to be truly happy in his own skin.

He’s previously overcome what he calls his “toughest challenge yet,” which saw him suffer from an edema in his leg. For the average Joe, sustaining such an injury would see them sit out of any form of physical activity. But for David Goggins, he used the opportunity to turn to strength training instead, before having the injury heal and lacing up his running shoes once more to get out on the open road.

In short, we can’t think of anyone else that delivers brutal truths in quite the same way as Goggins and believe there to be no better candidate for someone we should all listen to if we really want to turn our life around.

David Goggins will be in Australia on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 1st February 2023 – Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Wednesday 8th February 2023 – International Convention Centre

For more information about David Goggin’s Adapt or Die event, head to the official website.

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