12 Ways To Create An Impressive Hi-Tech Bathroom

Since those awkward teenage years the bathroom has been a safe place for individuals of the male persuasion: a private room to get on with your private business; a retreat from the family; an oasis from the outside world. More than simply a place to sh*t and shower, the bathroom is now a high-tech wonderland that can be calibrated and tricked out to your specifications and desires.

So throw out your ratty old bathmat and join us as we look at the top 12 devices that will create the high-tech bathroom of your dreams.

#1 Smart Toilet


Nicknamed the throne room, it only seems appropriate the bathroom should be outfitted with an impressive, state-of-the-art, toilet. Smart toilets have come a long way from the days when automatic lid and sensor flush applications seemed remarkable (remember how futuristic these seemed just a decade ago?).

Heated seats, Bluetooth compatibility and built-in bidets are just the beginning. You can even treat yourself to a built-in air dryer, which we can only assume would be totally invigorating in the morning and makes the entire process virtually hands-free. The sky’s the limit when it comes to these smart toilets, which offer self-deodorising systems, LED lighting and self-cleaning mechanisms.

#2 Waterproof TV


Waterproof TVs are the ultimate in bathing decadence. Totally unnecessary yet entirely desirable, more and more water and splash-proof TVs and entertainment systems are entering the bathroom.

#3 Vanity Mirror TV


If a waterproof TV isn’t for you, perhaps a vanity mirror TV is. These devises utilise the latest LED technology, while remaining functional (they appear to be ordinary mirrors when not in TV mode). You can enjoy a split screen of yourself shaving and a game of footy.

#4 LED Showerhead


LED showerheads add a romantic ambience to your bathing routine. The LED lights built in to the showerhead change colour depending on water temperature. You can also find LED taps that work in the same way and feature sensor technology to minimise water wastage and guards against germy tap handles.

#5 Electronic Mirror Defoggers


Just enjoyed a steamy shower for two and want to admire your companion in the vanity mirror? Sounds good to us too, except for that annoying fog that lingers and makes naked admiration impossible, not to mention the hassle of shaving in a steamed-up mirror. Now you can bypass these bothers by using specialised mirrors with defogging technology.

#6 Towel Warming Drawer Or Rail


Avoid mid-winter after-shower shrinkage with a warming drawer or rail for towels. We prefer the drawer variety, as they are safer for those with kids about and provide better overall heating.

#7 App-Controlled Bathroom


Smart phones rule our lives, and now they can rule the bathroom. There are a number of systems available that are controlled via an App on your phone or iPad/tablet. This means you can turn on the shower from bed to ensure the perfect temperature every time. You can also adjust the lighting, heating and music streamed through bathroom speakers. It seems the only thing these Apps can’t do is go to the toilet for you.

#8 Sensor Lighting


Sensor lighting in the bathroom is ideal for those who make nocturnal toilet stops. It eliminates stumbling in the dark and bodily fluids ending up where they shouldn’t while saving on electricity (they turn off automatically when the bathroom is vacant).

#9 Stereo & Sound System


There are a number of ways you can enjoy the radio, your favourite playlist or that audio book you’ve been meaning to listen to, and certain showerheads double as waterproof speakers with Bluetooth capability. Another alternative is in-ceiling speakers, which generally provide better sound quality and reach.

#10 Digital Shower Controls


Ordinary taps and knobs are so 2015. In 2016 it’s all about digital controls, with LCD shower panels that allow you to better control your showering experience. Adjust temperature more accurately, dim the lights, change the music or alter the water flow and steam options.

#11 Hands-Free Soap Dispenser


Germophobes rejoice. Hands-free soap dispensers are the latest in high-tech sanitation. The old hand-pump system has always seemed counterproductive to us, so ditch the pump and opt for a hands-free solution.

#12 Electric Privacy Glass


If you’re lucky enough to have a bright and airy bathroom, electric privacy glass windows could be suitable for you. It allows you to shower with a view, while retaining privacy.