This New iPhone 15 Feature Is A Game-Changer For Live Sports And Concerts

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This New iPhone 15 Feature Is A Game-Changer For Live Sports And Concerts

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Details surrounding the long-awaited iPhone 15 were released this week at the Apple Event in Cupertino, California. With Apple fans all over the world experiencing the latest in cutting-edge mobile technology for the first time, one feature stood out, and it could be a game-changer for live events.

We’ve all been there. You arrive at the rugby stadium for the first time with your mates, before the game is about to start; or at a concert or festival hoping to rush off to see your favourite artist at their allotted time, when your group immediately disbands the second you get in.

One member runs off to shout the first round; another one rushes to the loo before kick-off; the others get distracted by the burger stand. And you’re there, left wondering, ‘Where the hell has everyone gone?’

It’s a common problem with larger groups at live events; you allocate an area for a designated meet-up point but that inevitably becomes a bit blurry as the evening progresses…and what was supposed to be a great time turns into the biggest game of Find My Mates.

The new iPhone 15 can direct you to your friend’s exact location. Image: Apple

Now with the release of the iPhone 15’s latest feature, your Apple Maps will be able to direct you to the exact location of your friends with Precision Finding.

Through the second-generation U1 Ultra Wideband chip found in both the newly released iPhone 15 models, two devices with this chip are able to connect to one another at three times the range as before, enabling the users to share their location and find each other, even in congested crowds.

The new feature is a game-changer for groups in crowded areas hoping to regroup. Of course, the easiest application is during everyday events we all attend – sports, concerts, festivals – but even when you find yourself lost abroad, or even just stumbling home, Precision Finding takes away all that unnecessary stress, so you can continue to enjoy the show.