Ryan Reynolds Is Showing You The Secret To Being This Year's Most Stylish Man

Deadpool shows you how to dress cool.

2019 isn’t even over yet but Ryan Reynolds doesn’t seem to care – he’s clearly going for the title of this year’s most stylish man…and he’s winning. The 42-year-old actor has been busy on his press circuit for his Pokemon movie, Detective Pikachu, and he’s been lighting up the yellow carpet with an impeccable wardrobe which all men need to take note of. Why? Because it’s a master class in how men should be dressing for formal, smart casual and casual occasions.

Let’s get into exhibit  – the formal and timeless waistcoat combo.

It’s no secret that Reynolds has an absolutely gun stylist in Ilaria Urbinati. She’s the one who’s been putting together Reynolds’s various looks and for this particular one in Tokyo she pulled it off with perfection by matching Reynolds’ complexion and hair colour with a killer custom brown check ensemble from Brunello Cucinelli. By custom we usually mean bespoke and it’s evident in the impeccable fit of the trousers, shirt and waistcoat.

Ditching the blazer is a nice touch as it gives more attention to other elements of the look such as the brown suede shoes and what appears to be a Piaget timepiece (some claim he’s jumped ship to IWC but that’s yet to be confirmed). It’s also an easy formal look to pull off with the only requisites being nicely rolled sleeves, the last waistcoat button left undone and a tie that isn’t hanging loose around the neck.

Look number two from the China premiere also comes complements of the yellow carpet and it’s way more chill than the others. Reynolds paired a navy long sleeve collared top with matching chinos and crisp white sneakers. An insanely simple look that is made for weekend duties but adds a touch of style with sunglasses and a timepiece. Again, fitment is key here and keeping things slim will do you wonders.


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Finally we move to the casual wardrobe realm of Ryan Reynolds. Here the actor has pulled together one insanely sharp off-duty look with an Eleventy Milano bomber jacket and pants paired to a blue Levi’s printed shirt. Notice the way the tonal browns transition from the bomber jacket to the trousers before being highlighted with white sneakers yet again. Keep the jacket fitted, the shirt unbuttoned, the shirt untucked and you have a winner. Easy money.

That’s all your bases covered. Godspeed, men.

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