Best Bomber Jackets Brands That Will Make You The King Of Vintage Cool

Best Bomber Jacket Brands

The bomber jacket has flown far and wide since its aviation roots. As a military uniform for pilots and soldiers during the war, the bomber jacket was picked up by style icons soon after and fast became a men’s fashion essential which continues to stand true in the new century.

Recognised for its trans-seasonal versatility across summer and winter, the bomber jacket’s cropped, square silhouette cuts a masculine figure and its ribbed cuffs and elastic waistband refine the torso of the modern man.

It’s a sure-fire way to add some detail to your best look with metallic hardware and patch details. And for the minimalist fiends, the extensive choice in bomber jackets also means pared-back aesthetics with fewer zips and pockets on more luxurious offerings.

Whatever your taste and budget, there’s a bomber jacket for you. Here is our selection of the best bomber jacket styles in 2019.

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