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10 Best Suede Bomber Jackets For Men

Go suede, go smooth with these bomber jackets.

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A suede material bomber jacket sits at the intersection of great style and functionality. There’s nothing more decadent or luxurious than suede and there’s nothing cooler than a bomber jacket… So, when you combine these two together, the result is a sophisticated yet cool piece of outerwear.

Bomber jackets or ‘flight jackets’ were initially a part of pilots’ uniforms, as they offer a practical design and clean silhouette. However, the jacket later emerged into pop culture and became the signature jacket for many subcultures, including the punk scene.

Today, the bomber jacket is a staple piece of men’s fashion however when made in suede, it’s the perfect way to effortlessly achieve a laidback yet luxurious look; something that’s otherwise very hard to do.

Suede Bomber Jacket FAQs

Is suede a good material for jackets?

Suede is soft leather, great for creating jackets and coats due to its lightweight and breathable feel. Suede jackets offer exceptional warmth without feeling heavy, the perfect casual wear jacket to wear during autumn and winter.

Can water ruin a suede bomber jacket?

Rain can easily mark a suede, so definitely avoid wearing these jackets in heavy rain conditions. Though watermarks can be removed, if the jacket is soaked, it will lose its natural oil, damaging the jacket over time. However, suede jackets can endure light rain.

Can you clean a suede bomber jacket with alcohol?

Alcohol or white vinegar are both options for removing stains on suede material. Drench a towel in either alcohol or white vinegar, rub the stain, then allow it to dry. After the mark has dried, rub the spot with a dry towel to help fluff up the suede.

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