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Inspiration Guide: 50 Ways To Wear A Blue Suit

Blue is the new black. Versatile in summer, winter, corporate or for pleasure. Blue has never been more popular for men’s suits. The spectrum ranges from bright Napoli blues, to lighter hues and of course darker midnight and navy blue suits which can be worn with almost anything.

Knowing what to wear with a blue suit can be a difficult and sometimes boring task. You’ll either wear more blue, or you’ll pick some random colour and really mess things up. Then comes the question, do I wear brown shoes or black? What about the shirt, will pink or white work? So many questions.

To help answer a few, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite street, celebrity and catalogue shots that showcase the very best in blue suits. Within there’s over 40 examples of men doing blue suits like men should. You’ll find we’re covered single breasted as well as some double breasted suits.

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Simple Rules To Follow When Wearing A Blue Suit

  • Stick with a crisp white shirt, or a lighter shade of pink or blue. These colours create a little contrast allowing your blue suit to pop.
  • When it comes to ties the world is your oyster. I prefer black or navy but red, burgundy and greens will also work too.
  • As mentioned above both black or brown shoes acceptable. Lace ups or loafers are fine.
  • If your suit is well fitted and shorter in the legs and body then feel free to wear a polo shirt and some sneakers with it. It will make a nice change in Summer.

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Expert Tips On Wearing Your Blue Suit 

Blue is the new Navy has been thrown around a bit lately, and whilst a classic navy suit is hard to beat, a look around any major city in the world suggests the time for the Blue suit is right now.

With the ubiquity of the navy suit in recent years, blue allows for a similar versatility in the shirt/tie combination (it will go with almost anything), but has significantly more punch in the street/office/pub. However be careful with the tonality, electric or violent blues are best avoided, 2-3 shades lighter than your Navy will work for most.

Our recommendation, for the corporate guy pair with a plain blue or thin striped light blue shirt and a dark chestnut oxford shoe. For the more adventurous amongst us, a cutaway collar, bold check shirt offset with a strong foulard or paisley tie will remove that conservative tag you’ve been trying to shake for years. Pair with a tasselled loafer to stay a sartorial step ahead of old mate double monk at the water cooler. 

Casually, a blue suit in a lightweight tropical wool or cotton is understatedly elegant with a crisp white shirt (no tie), white linen pocketchief, and loafers or driving shoes. Blue is a confidence colour so you know the drill, wear it like you mean it.

– Drew Hoare, Former Marketing Manager – M.J.Bale

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What To Look For When Buying A Blue Suit

  • Avoid shades that don’t work for business e.g. no baby or electric blues.
  • Choose a good quality cloth.
  • Avoid rubbish shiny fabric.
  • Choose a suit that you can separate for different occasions.
  • Cotton and linen suits are better for summer while wool and cashmere blends are more appropriate for Winter.
  • Avoid polyester – you don’t want to look like Homer Simpson.
  • Go for a patch pocket suit jacket if you want to try something different.



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