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Porsche Roll Out Their Millionth 911 Which You Can’t Buy

A true milestone for the iconic Stuttgart sportscar.

One million is quite a significant figure. Dr. Evil asked for a million bucks in his Austin Powers ransom message. Bill Gates made his first million at age 23. And now the motoring legends over at Stuttgart have their own millionth milestone to brag about – their one millionth Porsche 911.

After 54 years in production the 911 moniker can finally lay claim to being a true icon in the motoring world. A lot of this comes from Porsche’s claim that over two thirds of all 911s ever made are still on the road – a feat made possible with timeless design and sound engineering quality.

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Beyond those road-going credentials Porsche have also established the 911 name in motor racing circles for decades with the model making up over half of the car maker’s 30,000 racing wins. In celebration of this, number 1,000,000 will come with the same Irish Green paint job as the first 911 had.

The bad news? It won’t be going to a lucky customer. Instead Porsche AG will keep the car as a trophy to be driven around the world to the likes of the Scottish Highlands, the Nürburgring, and famous roads in the US and China.


Once this grand voyage is completed Porsche will retire 911 n.o. 1,000,000 to the Porsche Museum where it will become a historical piece for the German maker.

Now that’s how you honour a legend.


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