Sydney Gangland Figure Actually Has A Fully Sick Car Collection

Ill-gotten gains.

Sydney Gangland Figure Actually Has A Fully Sick Car Collection

Yet another gangland killing has plagued Sydney’s streets… And it looks like crime really is paying if this latest crim’s garage is anything to go by.

New South Wales Police investigators have charged a fourth man over his alleged role in the murder of notorious organised crime figure Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad in Sydney’s southwest earlier this year, a recent police press release confirms.

Police will allege in court that the 29-year-old supplied the cars used in Ahmad’s murder, the gangland figure being gunned down outside an associate’s suburban Greenacre home. Naturally, this sort of violent murder is truly heinous, and should be condemned… But it’s interesting to see what kind of cars these gangsters have in their collections.

NSW Police images from one of the four homes they raided on Wednesday in connection with this latest arrest show how one of these properties has a gargantuan car garage filled with some truly desirable cars. As you can see above, some of these hot rides include a Ferrari Testarossa, a Porsche 911, two Ford Falcon GT XYs and a rare Holden Special Vehicles VS Commodore GTS-R.

They might be crims but at least they’ve got good taste…

The 29-year-old suspect in question. He doesn’t look like your typical Ferrari owner… Image: NSW Police

According to an ABC News report from October, Ahmad was shot by at least one unknown gunman driven to Greenacre in a stolen Porsche with cloned number plates. That car was then dumped and set alight, with the assailants switching to another luxury vehicle, which was also burnt out.

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Ahmad was released from prison earlier this year after serving five years for the manslaughter of gangland rival Safwan Charbaji in 2016.

As well as the cars, $60,000 in cash was seized at the scene – although that sort of pocket change pales in comparison with the value of those cars, which collectively would fetch well over $2 million.

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