Jo Lindner’s Home Workout Is A HIIT


While Australians battle to get fit in gyms that wouldn’t look out of place in a maximum-security correctional, German fitness sensation Jo Lindner has taken to Instagram to showcase a much more fun way of working out: turning your furniture into equipment.

He first made a splash (on DMARGE) by showing the world a genius $12 solution for the total home workout (for those that aren’t ready to wrangle their furniture) and now he’s at it again, for those with a bit of mass behind them, showing you sofas aren’t just for sitting.

How so? Yesterday Jo added to his home fitness regime by bench pressing his sofa. But that’s not all: he also showed how it can be used to do leg press, overhead tricep exercises, squats, bicep curls and sit-ups.


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Almost as impressive as the improvised pull up workout he posted last week…


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In any case, it appears all one needs to replicate Jo’s sofa workout is a set of muscles proportionate to the weight of one’s couch (and a sofa with metal bars affixed to its underside).

That said, most of the exercises Jo showcased, though easier with the bar, can still be done with a regular sofa. Of course, we encourage caution at all times, as it would be somewhat mortifying (not to mention painful) to call the emergency services and tell them “I’m currently trapped under my sofa.”

Your call though: those gains look impressive.

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