Fitness Blogger's Genius $12 Solution For The Total Resistance Band Workout

Resistance is the key, bro

Fitness Blogger's Genius $12 Solution For The Total Resistance Band Workout

Staying fit during the current lockdown measures is, on paper, pretty easy, thanks to a wealth of home workout articles and videos available to follow along to. But some of those workouts will require weights or other equipment that you probably won’t have at home.

However, while it may be true that for basic fitness, just using your bodyweight will do, if you can add some resistance, you’ll get greater results. That’s exactly the mindset of Instagram fitness sensation and fellow “bro” Jo Lindner. The fast-talking German may come across a bit comical to some, but the physical size of him, and the way he teaches you exercises, prove he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

He’s well aware we’re all being told to stay at home right now, and so he’s come up with six exercises you can easily do at home with the addition of a resistance band, and you can pick up this for just A$18 / US$12.

He admits the exercises probably won’t see you piling on muscle, but they’ll at least help you maintain the gains you’ve already made. So here’s a breakdown of Jo’s workout to keep you in top shape, bro.

Military Press

The military press is a great chest and shoulder workout. In a gym, you’d normally carry out this exercise using a barbell, or perhaps a set of dumbbells. With a resistance band, simply stand on it and hold two ends, with your elbows at right angles to the floor.

Then lift upwards until your arms are straight. Jo adds that if you find there isn’t much resistance from the band, hold it a little further down and even wrap it around your hands a bit if needed, to create more tension.

Chest Press

The chest press is a favourite of many a gym-goer, and it’s one you can continue to do at home. All you have to do is sit on a chair, wrap the resistance band around the back and extend your arms forward as you normally would with the equipment at the gym. Jo recommends you bring your arms up to target the whole chest area.

Single Arm Bicep Curls

What gym-bro workout would be complete without some bicep curls. Fortunately, using a resistance band is just as simple as using a dumbbell. Just step on the band, and curl. For extra resistance, adjust the point in the band you step on.

Front Raises

This one is similar to the military press, but instead of lifting above your head, you lift up and out in front of you. Step inside the band, hold the other ends at shoulder width and lift. As with the other exercises, you can adjust the intensity by changing where you hold the band.

Tricep Extension

It’s not all about biceps when it comes to big arms, but you need to work your triceps too. The resistance band comes to your rescue once again. Step inside it as you did with the front raises and military press, adjust it so that the band runs up behind you, hold the ends with a close grip and extend your arms as you would if you were performing the same exercise with dumbbells. Adjust the level of tension as required.


Rowing exercises are great for your back, so being able to continue doing them at home with a resistance band is ideal. For this exercise, step on both strands of the band, holding either end in your hands. Bend your body over so it’s virtually parallel to the floor, and slowly pull your arms upwards, keeping them close to your body.

Follow these exercises to maintain your current state and as soon as the lockdown is lifted, you can get back into the gym and carry on where you left off.

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