'Cardio Strongman' Explains Forgotten Training Technique Everyone Should Try

When you can't see the forest for the trees.

'Cardio Strongman' Explains Forgotten Training Technique Everyone Should Try

If there’s one thing the year that was 2020 taught us, it’s that we no longer need to be so reliant on everyday comforts or routines. Working from home is now an entirely plausible possibility for many and subsequently, head offices may no longer need to be confined to major cities, as an example.

2020 also forced us to find new and inventive ways of keeping fit, in the wake of gym closures around the world. Whether you turned your sofa into a multi-use piece of gym equipment, invested in some resistance bands or took up a new sport such as skipping, 2020 proved the possibilities remained almost endless when it came to maintaining our physiques.

One man who has was doing this well before 2020 was Ross Edgley.

Author of ‘The World’s Fittest Book,’ Edgley is no stranger to finding time to work out no matter where he finds himself, previously spruiking words of wisdom such as “[Train] anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere”, but an image he’s previously posted to his Instagram account takes that advice to new heights.

Finding himself on a beach (location undisclosed), Ross proves you can use literally anything if you find yourself getting squat withdrawals, opting to use a tree as his weight. It shouldn’t take a genius to reveal that trees are pretty damn heavy, and judging by the bulging muscles on Ross’ back, this one, in particular, is no bag of feathers.

The fact he’s performing his squats on a not-so-solid sandy surface only adds to the intensity, forcing the leg muscles to work harder to stabilise the body.


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Tree lifting aside, there is a greater message Ross is putting forward with his post. Namely, that you should get creative with your training when you find yourself unable to get into a gym or your regular fitness studio, and if you’re no longer motivated to use your new set of resistance bands.

Referencing the new lockdown England was about to enter at the time he posted the image, Ross adds, “[I]t’s MORE important than ever to be innovative and creative with your training.”

“[S]ince as per the teachings of [The Art Of Resilience], ‘There are many ways to get fitter, stronger and leaner. You shouldn’t discriminate against any of them or favour one. As soon as you do, you close your mind and limit your potential.”

Edgley himself had to navigate obstacles posed by the lockdown when he spent some time in Australia last year putting Chris Hemsworth and brother Liam through their paces. Before he was able to descend upon the Hemsworth household, however, Ross found himself a victim of hotel quarantine but was able to be provided with an exercise bike and some free weights to keep his body in check.

While some of us may not have such luxuries at home, it continues to prove that just because you’re not able to waltz into the gym, it doesn’t mean you should take a break from keeping fit.

We’re not suggesting you become a lumberjack overnight and uproot the next tree you come across in the pursuit of gains, but a little thinking outside of the box could help you realise your fitness goals much quicker.

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