Liam Hemsworth Workout: Actor Sets Bar Extraordinarily High For Australian Men

50kg weighted pull ups anyone?

Liam Hemsworth Workout: Actor Sets Bar Extraordinarily High For Australian Men

Bondi’s Amalfi Beach club cabanas sit jauntily in the sand. The influencers loll in coconut oil. The water is warm. The beer is cold. The sand shimmers. All is well with the world – and then you take off your pants.

This isn’t a night terror so much as an impending scenario for thousands of Australian men, who, when it comes time to strip down to their budgie smugglers this summer, face the choice of proudly rocking their dad bods or shamefully slinking into the water.

Leaving aside the pros and cons (hint: it’s mainly cons) of the pressures men face to have a torso like Ronaldo and legs like Ramos (or else be cast into the eternal hell fires of Instagram anonymity), the reality is that – rightly or wrongly – there is still an element of shame (on this author’s part) to hitting November and being woefully unprepared to show off at the beach.

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Liam Hemsworth has just raised the stakes. Alongside Ross Edgley – British cardio strongman and author of The World’s Fittest Book – Hemsworth recently took to an outdoor gym, showing off a workout that puts the rest of us to shame.


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“Took it upon myself to teach @rossedgley how to train properly. With my help I see some real potential in him. Keep up the good work little guy,” Hemsworth captioned the post.

Edgley posted the workout to Instagram too, revealing Hemsworth had completed some 50kg weighted pull-ups, as well as sled pulls (of what appears to be 100kg or more).


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“The ONLY logical way to celebrate any birthday… train biceps and eat burgers with my little/big brother @liamhemsworth. An absolute weapon, the only thing bigger than his 50kg weighted pull-ups is his appetite.”

This comes after Edgley battled to keep fit in Australian hotel quarantine, with nothing but an exercise bike and a few free-weights.

At the time DMARGE predicted Edgley was doing exercises to prepare for the aquatic playground that is the Land Down Under. Though we’re yet to see a post of him surfing, we’d argue it’s only a matter of time, with this latest post only showing Edgley is more prepared than ever (physically) to take on The Pass crowds with a longboard.

For his part, Hemsworth appears to still be dating Australian model Gabriella Brooks in low key style; presumably a welcome departure from his highly public break up with Miley Cyrus.

Rumours also abound that the English adventurer and motivational guru Edgley is training Chris Hemsworth too, for a secret project.

More to come as the torsos develop.