The Ultimate Chris Hemsworth Workout Guide

Watch above what it takes to get massive like Chris Hemsworth

Is there any better ambassador for Australia than Chris Hemsworth? The man from Melbourne is a fitness inspiration for guys all over the world, with his global image as a workout warrior no doubt being catapulted by his portrayal of Norse God Thor in the Marvel cinematic universe.

But just because you might not look like an adonis when you look in the mirror, doesn’t mean you don’t have the potential to master a Chris Hemsworth workout. Chris regularly posts his workout and dietary advice to his Instagram page, with the help of his trusted personal training sidekick, Luke Zocchi.

Together, the duo makes working out a fun and enjoyable experience. But with so many workouts and training techniques to take on board, finding the best advice can be a minefield. We’ve therefore compiled a truckload of Chris’s workout content into one landing page, making it the definitive guide to getting ripped like Thor – and in case just the idea of working out like Chris puts you off fitness for life, take some solace from reading Erik’s story of trying his routines for 30 days, with genuinely positive results.

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Chris Hemsworth Leg Workout

Contrary to what your gym may indicate, nobody really wants chopsticks for legs. Yes, it’s great to have a bulky chest and bulging biceps, but as the adage goes, “never skip leg day”. Fortunately, our man Chris is a firm believer in that saying, and he has the perfect workout to ensure you can get yourself some serious tree trunks.

We like to call it the lawnmower workout, but what it actually refers to, is sled pushes. Step into any gym and you’ll likely see a laid out track specifically for such an exercise and it makes a great alternative to squats and leg presses.


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All you need to do is grab a sled, load on some weight (if the sled without weight is too light) and push it down the other end of the track. Repeat this until failure (when you physically can’t push it any further) and once you have it nailed down, you can start experimenting with adding heavier weights.

This gem of a workout will torch your glutes and calves (along with your core) and because there’s an end goal in sight (the end of the track) psychologically it becomes easier to perform.

With sled pushes out of the way, you can move on to side gorilla lunges. This exercise comes from Chris’s trainer Luke (who even admits this is a tough one) but perform it a few times and you’ll start seeing results of gorilla-like proportions.


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Chris Hemsworth Ab Workout

If you ‘forget’ to go to the gym a few weeks in a row, you may soon notice what’s now known as a ‘dad bod’ forming when you look down. Not quite ripped, but not completely overweight, a dad bod isn’t necessarily something to be ashamed of, but we imagine you’ll want to get it to retreat quicker than it formed.

Chris’s personal trainer Luke has the perfect solution with a bodyweight workout circuit. As he says with regards to just using your body’s weight to train, “learning how to move correctly and get stronger with bodyweight is a much smarter way to start than by adding load (weights) and increasing injury. Master your body first then add load.”


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Blast that bod and reveal those abs by performing these moves in quick succession:

  • Forward jumps
  • Reverse crawl
  • Alternating lunges whilst moving forward
  • Reverse crawl
  • Squat with alternating twists
  • Reverse crawl
  • Forward crawl with alternating twists
  • Reverse crawl
  • Forward frog jumps
  • Reverse crawl

For a truly core killing ab buster, Luke has also put together a 50 rep challenge, comprising five different exercises to be completed 10 times each. We’re sweating just watching it, but after giving it a go a few times, you’ll start seeing some ab definition.


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Chris Hemsworth Arm & Bicep Workout

Who doesn’t want to fill out their shirt sleeves with a set of serious guns? We certainly do. Chris’s arms are the envy of guys everywhere, and we’re sorry to say that getting an equally sleeve-ripping set won’t happen overnight.

What you can do is follow Chris and Luke’s six-step guide, taken from their Centr6 program. The boys say all you need is a set of dumbbells or your own body weight, with which you complete six exercises, for six reps each, for a total of six rounds, across a six-week block.

Here are some exercises that will ultimately work your entire body, but pay particular attention to your arms.

Push Up Sit Throughs

Starting in a push-up position, complete one full push up. Then put one foot out wide to the side, and bring your trailing leg through, underneath your body, before extending it out across your body, so it’s in line with the first foot you placed down.

Dumbbell Curl With Lunges

Holding a set of dumbbells, curl them up, working your biceps and at the same time, lunge forward. You can alternate this move by doing hammer curls instead of bicep curls, which will eventually give you a fuller-looking set of arms.

Plank With Leg Lift

The plank is one of the best exercises you can do to work your core, but to turn things up a notch, you can do as Chris does, and lift a leg off the floor. Not only does this pile extra effort on your core, but you can bend down on your arms a tad – a pushup of sorts – to bring your triceps into the mix. Alternate with each leg.

Sit Throughs

Sit throughs are a perfect move to work not only your triceps but your core as well. Start in a bear crawl positions, whereby you’re on your hands and resting on your toes, with your knees slightly elevated from the ground. Leave one hand on the floor along with the opposite foot (right hand and left foot for example) and move the other foot under your body and across to the opposite side, while rotating your body at the same time in the same direction.

Tyre Pushes

Ok, so this one might be a little harder to do on the account you’ll need a very large tyre, such as one from a tractor. But if you can lay your hands on one, it can be your ideal workout companion. You can carry out this move on your own or with a partner. If by yourself, lift the tyre up from flat and push it over. Flip it five more times, or until failure. If you’re with a friend, have the tyre upright, and push it to each other.

Other ways to get yourself some bulging biceps include combining weighted pull-ups with landmine rows and dumbbell hammer curls. We’d recommend starting low with the weights if you’re new to some of the exercises Luke mentions. After all, quality is better than quantity.

Luke is also the go-to man if you really want to challenge yourself to see where your fitness is at. Take this simple-to-follow but we imagine not-so-easy-to-carry-out dumbbell workout, for example. Three exercises, six reps each arm, 20 minutes. Simple.

Those arm workouts still not giving you the biceps you crave, or you’re finding them too easy (or too hard), how about you try another of Luke’s workouts that will destroy your arms to the point you can’t even lift them* *disclaimer: not necessarily true.

Using a weighted medicine ball, Luke adds some extra complexity to bodyweight workouts, however he says it’s only worth pursuing strength and power once you feel at a comfortable level. You want to make sure you can nail technique and form during bodyweight workouts first.

As ever, Luke throws a few exercises into the mix to keep your muscles guessing, which will eventually result in greater strength. He slams the ball on the ground for a random number of times before placing the ball further away and jumping over to meet it. Complete for 3-5 sets and give yourself 1-2 minutes rest in between each.


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Chris Hemsworth Chest Workout

No workout routine would be complete without the ubiquitous chest day. Chris’s pecs are like glistening, firm pillows we’d happily lay our heads on, and naturally, we’d like a rival set of our own. Some of the Aussie actor’s best chest-related exercises can be found in the routines he had to put his body through in preparation for the Netflix-produced movie Extraction.

We thought nothing could ever phase our Chris, but judging by the videos from this routine, that may not be the case. Just listen to the sound he makes when he side-kicks the boxing bag at the end…


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And judging by the variety of attacks he has in his repertoire (and Instagram feed), the Australian icon was likely eyeing up a “strong man” character for some time.

In video one, he starts with a variation of the classic plank, incorporating prone sidekicks to work out the lateral core (because a basic plank is like a walk in the park for Chris), then moves on to yanking a heavy boxing bag across the entire room towards him.

But it’s his “pec busting” push-ups, carried out on alternate sides of the bag (with one hand on top of the bag each time), that will really torch your chest.

To promote muscle growth even further, you can (attempt to) keep following Chris’s routine by doing a classic battle rope workout (ideally without taking a break between exercises), and finish off with a quick kick-boxing session (and a particularly lethal kick to round it off).

Luke also has some serious upper body workouts of his own, such as this routine which combines seven exercises together. You ideally want to complete it in full five times…with just a minute of rest in between each of those sets.

Chris Hemsworth Back Workout

Continuing with the Extraction workout routine, Chris moves on from busting his pecs to working on his back muscles instead. This second video shows off his boxing prowess (and his ability to handle a rogue roo). But honestly, in terms of developing your back muscles, we would highly recommend the following workout, which has kept Hemsworth’s shoulders broad and his stomach toned, pretty much his whole life.


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Full Body Workout

If you want a workout that will work all muscle groups (but will likely have you deflated after) try this cycle, push-up, ab rollout circuit. We dare you.

Chris’ trainer Luke has also provided us with this gym-floor destroying workout, which as we’ve implied, could literally destroy your gym floor, it’s that fierce. Naturally, expect it to destroy your body too in the process. Medicine ball slams are a great exercise to perform, as they work multiple areas of the body, including your abs, hips, thighs, calves, shoulders, back, and arm muscles. On top of that, they help to develop your core strength, as well as the amount of power you can deliver from throwing the ball to the ground.

The Forgotten Techniques

Of course, you can easily learn the correct technique and form to conquer your Hemsworth-inspired workouts, but Chris himself has revealed the one technique you really do need to get right if you’re going to have successful workouts: have fun.

Before you berate us for turning something into nothing: hear us out. Multiple studies (and Hugh Jackman) have shown that mucking around, keeping your workout interesting and going to the gym with friends can increase both your progress and your likelihood of maintaining those hard-sweated gains.

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