Chris Hemsworth’s Bodyweight ‘Extraction’ Workout Will Have You Begging For Mercy

"Let the lungs scream for mercy!"

Chris Hemsworth’s Bodyweight ‘Extraction’ Workout Will Have You Begging For Mercy

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Keeping up with Chris Hemsworth’s series of workouts can often be more troublesome than keeping up with the Joneses. One minute he’s using a rowing machine or curling a weighted barbell, while the next he’s pushing a weighted sled – with the weight being provided by his personal trainer Luke Zocchi.

But his latest workout is one that anyone can do, as it predominantly involves using your own bodyweight. Note that we didn’t say it was easy, but just that you don’t need any equipment to attempt it for yourself.

The latest workout to come from the Australian poster boy is in preparation for his reprisal role in the smash Netflix movie Extraction. Chris Hemsworth‘s previous outing as former SASR fighter turned black ops mercenary Tyler Rake received close to 100 million views in its first month of release, making it the most-watched original film to come from the video streaming giant. It should come as no surprise to learn then, that Netflix will be hoping to cash in once again.

Naturally, a black ops mercenary needs to be physically fit, quick and agile, and Chris says that is the exact planned outcome for his latest workout he posted to Instagram:

“Transitioning from heavy weight training to a lot more body weight functional movements concentrating on agility, strength and speed.”

Chris breaks down what is included in his workout (and what purpose each movement serves), and we know we said it didn’t involve any equipment, but it does, in fact, include the use of a punching bag for boxing. Still: no weights.

  • 3 minute boxing round (cardio)
  • 50 squats (lower body)
  • 40 sit thrus (mobility)
  • 20 reps for each (core) exercise: bicycle kicks with punches; tuck crunches; isolated bicycle kicks; sit-up with air punch; Russian twists
  • 25 push ups (upper body)

Rest 2 minutes. 4 sets in total.

You can go as fast or as slow as you like with each movement, the important thing is to get all the required reps in. And if you have to increase your rest time in order to complete the sets effectively, then do. As Chris says himself of the workout,

“Give this little work out a go and let the lungs scream for mercy!”

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