Chris Hemsworth Shows Off Superhuman Arms As He Wraps Shooting Thor

Built different.

Chris Hemsworth Shows Off Superhuman Arms As He Wraps Shooting Thor

Putting the terms ‘Chris Hemsworth‘ and ‘arms’ in the same sentence is as common as a 5G tower protest in Byron Bay. But you ain’t never seen arms like this.

The Australian poster boy, mental health advocate and just all round nice guy has been busy shooting the latest instalment in the Thor movie series, and for it, rumours continued to swirl that he had to transform his body into “the biggest Thor he’s ever been.” 

Through a regimented process of a calorific meal plan and consistently brutal workouts, Chris Hemsworth was sure to become even more of a muscular beast than we already know him to be. But his latest Instagram post took even us by surprise, and to be honest, we can’t stop staring.

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Announcing that Thor: Love and Thunder has finished filming, Chris can be seen posing in a black and white photo, with a smouldering look upon his face and what can only be described as tree trunks for arms. Yes, the humble tree trunk is often likened to the legs, due to their ability to become enormous through constant strength training, but Chris’ arms look almost fake, they’re that big – and a huge departure from ‘Fat Thor’ we saw in Avengers: Endgame.

It even warranted a comment, with professional surfer and artist Otis Hope Carey claiming “I reckon your arm is the size of my thigh.”

British cardio strongman Ross Edgley chimed in too, writing, “YESSS! The very rare Taikamorph spotted in the wild… strength and conditioning specimen.”

Not to be outdone, Australian comedian Rove McManus wrote: “I feel like you’re undressing me with your eyes. And, you know, I’m ok with that.”

Chris further captions the image with the line: “It’s also national don’t flex day, so I thought this super relaxed photo was appropriate.” We’re actually hoping he’s joking, and that he is flexing, because if not, we really need to reassess our arm workouts in the gym.

The very definition of ‘built different’, it will likely take you a few years to see appendages of a similar size, but there’s no time like the present to start. Fortunately, his personal trainer Luke Zocchi and stunt double Bobby Holland have previously shown us an example arm workout that you can try for yourself.

Performed over three sets, you’ll want to include the following moves.

  • Spider Curls x 12 reps
  • Zottman Curls x 10 reps
  • Concentrated Curls x 8 reps

Bigger biceps await. Just aim for tree branches, rather than tree trunks first.

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