Chris Hemsworth Arm Workout

You've been warned...

While quarantine restrictions are easing gradually around Australia, the humble gym still remains out of reach for many of us. The fitness industry has been struggling across the country, while sales of home gym equipment have skyrocketed, the ABC reports.

Some people miss the gym because there’s some exercises you just can’t do easily at home (not everyone has space for an elliptical). But there’s some exercises that maybe you shouldn’t do, like, anywhere.

Luke Zocchi, best known as Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer (and mate), debuted an insane workout earlier this year that’ll build some serious muscle… While seriously breaking your bloody floor.

This explosive circuit looks like it’d destroy most men’s arms in a heartbeat, as well as most floorboards. Zocchi’s a fitness genius but this workout is more ‘Incredible Hulk’ than ‘Thor’ – although we reckon the floor of that gym’s probably made out of Asgardian steel to be able to withstand Zocchi’s reps with the slam ball.

Zocchi’s training style is all about variety: throwing different, inventive workouts into the mix to not only work different muscle groups but keep his clients interested. From sled pulls to battle ropes to goofing off with kettlebells, he knows how to get the most out of a training sesh.

Just make sure you don’t accidentally put a medicine ball through some drywall.

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