A Spacious London Loft With Industrial Appeal

London Loft

Space is a hot commodity, especially in the world’s most interesting and iconic cities. Some opt to escape the urban rat race entirely (or at least have an alternative available, like Tom Ford’s magnificent Santa Fe ranch). Others content themselves with cramming into apartments barely big enough for a bed.

Only the lucky few, like the owner of this London loft, score both ample area and an enviable address.

It’s not just high ceilings and square metres that make this place special. Sure, it’s spacious and airy and all the other size-centric things you want from a loft, but it also doesn’t skimp on style. An unusual fireplace floats above the floor. A black statement wall brings the drama. Exposed brick adds industrial charm. A sculptural spiral staircase pulls double duty as architecture and art.

Any of these elements could be the focal point in another apartment. They’re strong and eye-catching – exactly the kind of detail that could overwhelm a smaller space. Even here, where area isn’t a limited resource, putting all of them together is a risk.

By the grace of the interior design gods, it works, and works well. It’s thoughtful and stylish, masculine and just the right amount of risky, never overpowering. We’d happily call this loft home next time we’re in London.