Study Reveals The 15 Most Instagrammed Destinations In The World

Despite their roaring popularity on social media, these well-trodden spots haven't lost their charm (or their ability to pull in likes).

Most Instagrammed Destinations

Thousands upon thousands of snap-happy travellers have shared their #beachvibes, #sunsets, and #wanderlust on Instagram. The app is our go-to place for planning holidays and making friends jealous of our jet-setting, and we’re never short of inspiration.

Sometimes we’re in the mood to get away from it all, but when we’re looking for a quick digital ego boost, capturing a selfie in an Insta-famous location is sure to do the trick. These well-trodden spots are immortalised on countless social media accounts across the globe, yet they haven’t lost their charm (or their ability to pull in likes).

The online travel specialists at TravelBird studied the hashtags of 470 popular tourist attractions to reveal the most Instagrammed destinations in the world. According to their ranking, the top 15 are:

#1 Disneyland

Region: California, USA
Number of Tags: 14,615,952

#2 Eiffel Tower

Region: Paris, France
Number of Tags: 7,253,011

#3 Walt Disney World

Things are looking up! #CinderellaCastle #MagicKingdom (Photo: @whoiscliffwang)

A post shared by Walt Disney World (@waltdisneyworld) on

Region: Florida, USA
Number of Tags: 5,465,098

#4 South Beach

All of the lights : @willnichols

A post shared by City of Miami Beach (@miamibeachnews) on

Region: Florida, USA
Number of Tags: 4,689,396

#5 Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

A post shared by Mark Hayes (@_markhayes_) on

Region: Berlin, Germany
Number of Tags: 4,595,501

#6 Las Vegas Strip

The lovely Las Vegas Boulevard; I’ll be seeing you soon! Photo by @valleynative_

A post shared by Nate Burruano (@nateburruano) on

Region: Nevada, USA
Number of Tags: 3,653,548

#7 Big Ben

Region: London, UK
Number of Tags: 2,561,617

#8 Times Square

Region: New York, USA
Number of Tags: 2,560,272

#9 Notre Dame

Region: Paris, France
Number of Tags: 2,517,129

#10 Oktoberfest

Region: Munich, Germany
Number of Tags: 2,262,885

#11 Mardi Gras

Region: Louisiana, USA
Number of Tags: 2,202,256

#12 Niagara Falls


A post shared by Torontoclx (@torontoclx) on

Region: Ontario, Canada
Number of Tags: 2,198,459

#13 Machu Picchu

Region: Cusco, Peru
Number of Tags: 2,195,108

#14 Grand Canyon

Region: Arizona, USA
Number of Tags: 1,989,316

#15 Waikiki

B A Y W A T C H.

A post shared by Arielle (@oceanarielle) on

Region: Hawaii, USA
Number of Tags: 1,939,768