‘Secret’ Elevator At Heathrow Airport Lets Travellers Skip Long Security Queues

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‘Secret’ Elevator At Heathrow Airport Lets Travellers Skip Long Security Queues

A ‘secret’ elevator at Heathrow Airport is blowing some travellers’ minds. It enables you to skip the long security lines that most people have to endure, and get through to the lounge real quick. There is a bit of a catch though…

A secret elevator at Heathrow offers those in the know (and with the dosh) an awesome opportunity to wave au revoir to the crowds and feel warm, tingly and special. Introducing this notion to your pre-frontal cortex is Points Junkie @olitravelgeek. Oli recently took to Instagram to share the so-called secret elevator in Heathrow, which most people don’t know about, with his followers.

“Want to save long hours avoiding long lines at the airport?” his video begins. “Use this secret elevator at T3 Heathrow.” He then espouses the benefits of “empty security line” and finishes by saying “next stop New York.”

The video was introduced alongside the following explainer: “This is how I beat the queues at Heathrow airport. You’ll need to be travelling in Business Class with Virgin Atlantic or Delta or have status with Virgin Atlantic.”

“In the UK, with just a single credit card sign up you should be able to travel in Business Class for the price of economy outright (Platinum Card) or upgrade from Premium Economy to Business (Amex Gold / Virgin Atlantic Reward Plus).”

Opinion was divided in the comments, with some calling it a great tip, and others calling it worthless as “it’s not open for ordinary mortals.” We’re more so in the second camp. But still: interesting. A penny (or should that read, ‘a click’) for your thoughts.

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