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Chris Hemsworth Is Rocking The Coolest Suit Trend Of The Season

Man in blue.

Two suits worn the same way in two days? We’ll take that as a one of this year;s hottest menswear trends – and it’s literally cooler. It was only just yesterday when we covered Michael B. Jordan rocking the checked blue suit with a white shirt sans tie, and now another Marvel alumni has done the same.

At the MIB photocall in London Chris Hemsworth stepped out in a familiar check blue suit that was perfectly tailored to his frame.

The Australian actor is known for paring down just about any look and even in this blue windowpane number he still polishes up nicely without a tie, pocket square or watch. The suit colour of the season was finished off with a pair of sunglasses and black loafers for a suit combo that’s made for summer.

A closer look at the suit fabric which features a more defined pattern than Jordan’s blue suit. Square frame sunglasses perfectly polishes off the look in a masterclass of how to do more with less. Looking like Hemsworth probable helps too, but we’ll leave that up for debate.

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