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Cool Carry On Bags & Luggage For Your Next Adventure

Time to travel in style.

The days where it was acceptable to lug your beaten, fifteen-year-old bag into the overhead compartment are gone. Luggage is now an important part of any trip for both business and leisure. If you have already invested in that slick new travelling suit or superb noise-cancelling headphones, but are accompanied by some ghastly bag, it is time to change and invest in high-quality carry on luggage.

A good carry-on bag can make or break your travelling experience. Get it wrong and you’ll be searching through your entire bag to get your boarding pass looking like a fool at the gate. Getting your luggage right will make travel far more enjoyable and impress not only your colleagues or partner, but you’ll be the envy of other travellers, too.

It can be overwhelming to decide what kind of luggage you want or need, especially with all the different types of carry on bags that are available nowadays.


If you’re spending a little longer abroad or need to carry a lot your best bet is a suitcase or rolling luggage. Rolling luggage bags tend to be bigger than their soft shell cousins, will allow you to pack more & carry it easier, and, naturally, have wheels to make drifting through the terminal a breeze.

Carry on suitcases are perfect for business trips as you’ll be able to roll through the airport into the boardroom with ease. Plus, carry on suitcases can give you a look of sophistication and can potentially get you bumped up a class.

Duffel and Weekender Bags

The duffel bag has long been a staple for men. Their versatility, practicality, and aesthetic appeal leave them unrivalled in the bag department. There is a vast array of materials, sizes, and styles available today, but be warned duffel bags are really only good for shorter trips or if you travel really lightly.

A great leather duffel bag is a good investment, care for it properly and it could outlast you.


If you’re the kind of guy who considers himself more of a ‘traveller’ or ‘adventurer’ than someone just going on holiday, a backpack is likely to be your weapon of choice when it comes to carry on luggage. Function over form, right?

While it can be easy to get the humble backpack wrong and end up looking like you’re a thirty-year-old who’s still travelling with his parents, it can be just as easy to choose a backpack that’ll give you a cool, adventurous look. Just make sure to buy a backpack made with high-quality materials, and one that allows you to organise your belongings in a way that’ll make getting your passport out easy.

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Whether you’re after a suitcase, a duffel bag, or a backpack, these are the best carry on brands to shop from. These brands will provide you with stylish yet functional carry on luggage, perfect for your next trip.

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