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20 Best Luggage Brands To Travel In Style

Time to travel in style.

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Looking for the best luggage for your next holiday? You’ve come to the right place.

Travelling lightly should never be taken lightly, and with international travel companies becoming more and more anal about what we can and can’t take with us into cabins and carriages – having a selection of the best luggage for every type of trip is more essential than ever.

You’re probably thinking that luggage is just luggage, and if it gets your items from A to B with little fuss then all good. But, as you should know, there are many different types of luggage to choose from, whether it be a small carry-on for a short trip abroad, a weekender bag for a night in the city or, of course, a fully-fledged suitcase.

In fact, owning and using the best luggage is about so much more than holding a few items of clothing. It’s about security for the things inside it, it has to be durable, and to help you travel with as little stress as possible. And, don’t forget, your luggage can help you portray a certain image.

Today, the best luggage brands use a range of materials in the manufacturing process of their suitcases, from aluminium and polycarbonates to leathers and synthetics. And luggage can now be used for any type of travel, whether you’re going away for a romantic weekend in the country or a train trip across Europe… so, having a solid, reliable design that looks great, keeps everything inside in order, and won’t buckle under the pressure mid-trip, is bloody imperative.

Once you’ve found the best suitcase for you, you should also look into buying a set of packing cubes to make packing and organising your suitcase that much more efficient.

Ready to purchase new luggage that’ll most likely get you bumped up a class when travelling? We’ve rounded up the best luggage brands to shop from. These brands cater to different tastes and needs, so no matter what type of luggage you’re after, we guarantee you’ll find something you love below!