How The Beverley Hills Super-Rich Live: Steak, Supercars & $12 Million Diamond Rings

I may not be a superstar, but for one glorious day I certainly felt like one.

How The Beverley Hills Super-Rich Live: Steak, Supercars & $12 Million Diamond Rings

Image: Love Beverley Hills

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles is home to some of the richest, coolest, and most luxuriated people on earth, not least of all the ‘6 God’ himself, Aubrey Graham, more commonly known to us all as Drake. When the city of Beverly Hills dropped me a line and offered me the once-in-a-lifetime chance to live like the biggest superstar alive for one day only, I couldn’t say no. Here’s how it went down.

It’s not every day that you get the chance to try out some of the best food, fast cars, and retail therapy that one of the most exclusive and cashed-up cities on earth has to offer. Never one to miss a good opportunity to see how the other half lives, I wasted no time in accepting an invite from the City of Beverly Hills who wanted to show me what their precious few blocks of LA county had to offer for those with the means to really, truly, enjoy it.

From indulging in a multi-million dollar shopping experience along the iconic Rodeo Drive to visiting a world-renowned bespoke jeweller, driving supercars through the palm-lined streets, and enjoying a lavish dinner at a celebrity hotspot, this is a journey you won’t want to miss. Join me as I share the highlights of my unforgettable day in the West Coast’s beating heart of luxury and extravagance. Without further ado, here’s how I spent a day living like Champagne Papi.

Shopping Spree With LA Luxe

As I embarked on my Drake-inspired adventure, there seemed no more fitting way to kick off the day than to dive into the world of high fashion that has found its spiritual home on Rodeo Drive. The sheer opulence of this world-renowned and rightly envied shopping district is unparalleled, offering a plethora of options for high-end enthusiasts and thoroughbred fashionistas alike. With the assistance of LaLaLuxe, a team of expert stylists tailored for the city’s big spenders, I delved into a retail therapy experience like no other.

When the sun beats down, Rodeo Dr. is a thing to behold. Image: Love Beverly Hills

From strolling the luxurious storefronts to taking full advantage of the professional and personalized skills that come with having your very own personal shopper, every moment was a delight. Not only did LaLaLuxe’s guidance help me discover labels and looks that I never would’ve given the time of day beforehand, but their level of service really does make you feel like a rockstar; it’s no wonder they’ve catered to CEOs, royalty, and entertainment heavyweights for years.

Though I may not have had the money to take any of my expensive finds home with me, the chance to briefly revel in the retail life of Riley was enough to get in character for what came next…

Jewels With Jason Of Beverly Hills

Next up was a visit to Jason’s of Beverly Hills — a prestigious custom jeweller that caters to the sparkling needs of the nation’s rich and famous — which allowed me to get up close and personal with some of the big-ticket items on which the superrich spend their hard-earned cash. With self-expression as the business’ core tenet, what brought us to the store were the diamond-encrusted rings, bracelets, and chains that have adorned the extremities of Drake and The Weeknd amongst a whole host of other musical stars.

Image: Jason Of Beverly Hills
Image: Jason Of Beverly Hills

However, where the jewellers really made their name was in the absolutely jaw-dropping championship rings that they’ve been commissioned to make for some of America’s top sports teams. Though these rings are — technically speaking, and in the eyes of any committed sports fan — “priceless”, you could fetch well in excess of $8 million USD ($12 million AUD) for some of these pieces. Their work for the LA Rams and Lakers, pictured above and below, gives you a good idea of how they’ve wracked up such an eye-watering price tag.

However, beyond the precious metals and cut gemstones, there are some finer details to some of their championship rings that really show you why Jason’s is the place to go. Always looking to create a unique piece that really embodies the experience of the players, Jason’s has developed something of a special trademark: their rings include embedded chunks of turf or ball from the championship game.

Image: Jason Of Beverly Hills
Image: Jason Of Beverly Hills

Speeding Supercars Down Palm-Lined Boulevards

No Drake-inspired day in Beverly Hills would be complete without embracing the raw exhilaration of driving supercars through the city’s palm-lined streets. Thanks to the Beverly Hills Car Rental, I had the privilege of luxuriating in the comfort of a chauffeured experience which — between you and me — saw some pretty high-octane moments between the city’s many traffic lights and myself and my fellow journos each grabbed at the chance to put our pedal to the metal…

I got the chance to ride in the following vehicles, but rest assured they’ve got plenty more on offer should you find your wallet suddenly leaping out of your pocket: a Mercedes G-Wagon, an enormous Hummer EV with over 1000 BHP, a Ferrari F8 SPider, a Lamborghini Urus and my personal favourite, a McLaren 720S Spider. Though I can’t do justice to the feeling of one of these vehicles taking off at top speed as the LA sunshine beats down on you, the power that these vehicles have can be neatly summed up by an experience I had on the iconic Beverly Drive…

Private jet does not come included, but everything else you see absolutely does… Image: Beverly Hills Car Rental

These cars elicit such a visceral response in the general public that when we briefly pulled over at the side of the road, looking to enjoy an irresistible photo-op, we realised that passers-by were stopping their cars too — sometimes a few hundred meters down the road — before running back up towards our vehicles, phones at the ready, eager to find out which celebs were taking a much-needed pitstop. They may have been disappointed, but it made me feel pretty damn cool for a hot minute or two.

Dinner At Steak48

What better way to round out a day living like Drizzy than with a flawless steak dinner at a dimly lit, celebrity-studded steak joint? Steak48 is the city’s must-know spot for an evening out in the city of Beverly Hills, and it left an indelible mark on my taste buds. Known for its prime steaks and refined dining experience, it was the lobster rolls — with their rich and buttery flavour — that lifted me to culinary heaven.

WATCH: Here’s how one of Steak48’s most high-profile guests gets ready for game days.

Given its capacity for transcendental flavour, it should come as no surprise that the restaurant is a regular haunt for some of the city’s most famous residents and visitors. Not only was Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara present on the night of our visit, but Lebron James, Magic Johnson, and Eva Longoria are all said to be hardcore fans of the spot’s meaty menu.

And so, as the curtain fell on my day of living like Champagne Papi in the glitzy embrace of Beverly Hills, I couldn’t help but reflect on the sheer opulence and extravagance that seems to envelop this city. From retail therapy fit for a rockstar to the sizzling perfection of a steak dinner, it’s safe to say that Beverly Hills truly knows how to spoil its oh-so-lucky inhabitants. As for me, I may not be a superstar, but for one glorious day I certainly felt like one.