Brutal Truth Is The Australian Skincare Brand Making A Stand For Men’s Health

Look after yourself and other Australian men in one fell swoop.

Brutal Truth Is The Australian Skincare Brand Making A Stand For Men’s Health

The following article was produced in partnership with Brutal Truth.

Men, let’s be brutally honest, how many of you actually go out of your way to invest in high-end skincare products? You don’t need to lie to us, we know you’re more likely to pick up a face wash or some shower gel when you’re doing your Monday night grocery shop. 

Normally, we’d encourage you to stop this habit, but now there is a skincare brand, stocked in your local supermarket, that is more than worthy of taking up a spot in your bathroom cabinet. Brutal Truth, is an Australian skincare brand that offers men an affordable and easily accessible range of skincare options, that will have you looking and feeling your best. 

Brutal Truth‘s range includes a shaving gel and facial cleanser, both made with natural, native ingredients.

Brutal Truth doesn’t try to use any fancy or technical jargon. We’re men, after all. We just want to know what it is and what it does. Which is why you’ll find simple and straightforward messaging on the packaging and no promises of it transporting you to a tropical oasis whilst floating on a bed of silk. 

The products Brutal Truth currently offers are what we would consider to be the modern man’s essentials. There’s no sign of any serums, toners or any other creams that you won’t understand how to use. 

Instead, you can choose from an antiperspirant, in either roll-on or spray and in two distinct scents, alongside a shower gel, an all-in-one moisturiser with SPF15 – essential for Australians to look after their skin – a 3-in-1 face, hair and body wash for those men who really want to simplify their shower routine, a facial cleanser and a shaving gel. 

Available scents include Clean & Crisp and Rustic & Woody, making them perfect for daytime and evening wear, respectively. We understand men may not want to go to too much effort when getting ready for casual weekend drinks or an evening date, but trust us, your partner will appreciate it if your fragrance is in accordance with the weather and time of day. 

Brutal Truth has teamed up with Movember to help support the work it does for men’s health.

Aside from a range of products that just get the job done, Brutal Truth is all about supporting men’s health. The founding team of Brutal Truth understand all too well that men aren’t exactly the best at speaking up, despite the ever-growing awareness. 

So, while they don’t expect you to suddenly feel inclined to reveal your inner feelings to your mates after applying some of their moisturiser to your face, Brutal Truth has teamed up with Movember, one of the leading men’s health charities. The brand has teamed up with Coles and will be donating $1 from each Brutal Truth product purchased throughout the month of November which will go straight to supporting the important work of the Movember charity. 

Movember funds various men’s health programs and aims to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25% by 2030. 

You too, then, can help support the work of Movember at little cost to your back pocket, owing to the fact Brutal Truth is incredibly affordable, offering incredible bang for your buck.

Brutal Truth is currently available at Woolworths and Coles stores nationwide.