Bushmills Irish Whiskey’s New Collab With Playfair Golf Is Sydney’s Ultimate Sporting Experience

Four-hundred years of whiskey excellence combined with a cutting-edge golfing experience. Need I say more?

Bushmills Irish Whiskey’s New Collab With Playfair Golf Is Sydney’s Ultimate Sporting Experience

The following article was produced in partnership with Bushmills.

Ever had your precious game of golf cut short thanks to dodgy weather, flooded greens, or a caddy that’s come down with a cold? Let this fear fade to a distant memory as an exciting new experience lets you pursue your perfect swing year-round. 

A game-changing collaboration, the Bushmills Irish Whiskey x Playfair Golf experience is the good news story that every Aussie has been waiting for. Offering the chance for golfers, whiskey fans new and old, or the elite few that fall into both camps a welcome chance to work on their game with a drink in hand. 

In an exciting announcement, Bushmills has revealed that you can now try their 10YO Single Malt as part of their pioneering collaboration with Playfair Golf, a cutting-edge venue in East Sydney that combines world-leading technology with the historic game of golf. Not only can you enjoy a single malt – which, by the way, is equally delicious neat, on the rocks, or as part of your cocktail of choice – but you can take advantage of pro-level coaching from top-tier players. 

In many ways, the collaboration makes total sense: Bushmills is a whiskey built on craft, heritage, and the pursuit of distilling perfection with a history that stretches well over 400 years. The great game of golf is much the same, born of the same Celtic roots and combining a long, rich heritage with the endless search for the perfect performance. They are, without a doubt, kindred spirits. 

It’s no secret that we’re long-time fans of Bushmills Irish Whiskey. Hailing from County Antrim, a stone’s throw away from the iconic Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills is renowned around the world as the gold standard in whiskey production. Creating unbeatable single malts using traditional and highly secretive methods that have been passed down through many tight-lipped generations, they remain committed to a small-batch process and grain-to-glass philosophy despite their booming business. 

Bushmills 10YO Single Malt is the stuff of legend: Triple distilled for at least ten years in sherry-aged and bourbon-seasoned barrels, it has a fruity, honeyed aroma with notes of honey, vanilla and milk chocolate that sets alight the taste buds of longtime whiskey fans and newcomers alike. It’s also one of very few Irish distilleries that use 100% malt barley to create the smooth taste for which they’re so widely renowned. 

Playfair’s own story may be much shorter than Bushmills’, but it’s no less impressive. With the mission of bringing golfing heritage into the 21st century with an unwavering commitment to community, self-confidence, and levelling-up player performance, their pioneering approach is a perfect counterpart to Bushmills’ centuries of experience. In fact, this feels like a match made in heaven in many ways, with both parties bringing traditional roots but a non-negotiable obsession with innovation to the partnership. 

Rest assured that Playfair Golf’s studio really does have all the amenities you’ll require to perfect your play whilst the Bushmills 10YO Single Malt plays on your palate. The experience is complete with virtual driving range, an immaculate putting range, as well as facilities for club fitting and repair. Once you’ve finished up, round out your session at the pristine Bushmills Bar, where you can settle down with DMARGE’s favourite drop 

Perfect for a bit of fun with your mates or solo practice, sessions are available to book now – we recommend moving fast. 

Book here to enjoy a golf session at Playfair Golf (and head to the Bushmills bar for a drink while you’re there!) For more information, follow Bushmills on Facebook and Instagram