Bushmills’ 10 Year Old Whiskey Makes The Perfect Summer Cocktail Solution

You've never had cocktails like these before.

Bushmills’ 10 Year Old Whiskey Makes The Perfect Summer Cocktail Solution

The following article was produced in partnership with Bushmills.

If there’s one thing Australians love during summer, it’s a refreshing cocktail to sip on when lounging in the sun or hosting a group of friends for a garden party. Something else Australians have taken a fancy to in recent years, too, is Irish whiskey. So you can be assured that when the two meet in the middle, the result is something you’re going to wonder how you did without. 

Yes, just in time for Australian summer, Bushmills Irish Whiskey has created, using their 10 Year Old single malt, some of the most delicious cocktails you will ever have the pleasure of tasting. In fact, we can say this with confidence as Bushmills served them up during the recent DMARGE House event – of which Bushmills was the official spirits partner – and they went down a treat.

So, what is Bushmills 10 Year Old and what makes it the perfect spirit base for summer-approved cocktails? Well, this single malt is rich, complex, buttery smooth and highly versatile, it often gets called ‘liquid gold’ and we think that’s a very apt characterisation. It has been triple-distilled from 100% malted barley and matured for a minimum of 10 years in former Oloroso Sherry and bourbon-seasoned casks. This gives Bushmills 10 Year Old aromas of honey, vanilla and milk chocolate, and tasting notes of spiced honey, sweet toffee and zesty fruit flavours. 

In essence, 10 Year Old is a whiskey for everyone, no matter if you’re an aficionado or a complete novice. 

So, how do you use it in a cocktail? Bushmills has curated a selection that takes full advantage of the mixture of sweet and fruity flavours, which we guarantee will make you the star of the show at your next garden party.

Yuzu & Ginger Highball

Refreshing yuzu meets the sharpness of ginger, all reinforced by the buttery smooth flavours of Bushmills 10 Year Old in what is going to be a daytime favourite cocktail. 


  • 45ml Bushmills 10 Year
  • 15ml Monin Yuzu Puree
  • 15ml Fresh Lime Juice
  • 10-15ml Simple Syrup
  • 2 Dashes Angostura Bitters
  • 100ml Strangelove Hot Ginger Beer or CAPI Spicy Ginger Beer with Ginger & Chilli To Finish


A built drink, pour all ingredients into a highball glass filled with ice and top up with ginger beer. Garnish with a mint sprig and Candied Ginger Cube on a toothpick. 

Irish Cherry Negroni

A Negroni is a classic cocktail if ever there was one, but we think Bushmills has made it even better with their Irish twist. 


  • 30ml Bushmills 10 Year
  • 30ml Bitter Italian Liqueur 
  • 15ml Antica Formula
  • 15ml Cherry Heering


  • Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass
  • Add ice and stir until cold
  • Pour into a rocks glass over a large ice cube
  • Garnish with lemon zest

These cocktails will tantalise your tastebuds and are sure to be a hit with friends this summer. And if you’re looking for a coffee inspired morning cocktail, look no further than the Bushmills Coconut Latte. 

Bushmills Coconut Latte

Combining the caffeine hit of cold drip coffee with the nutritious value of coconut water, all brought together by the smooth taste of Bushmills Black Bush. Bushmills Black Bush is one of the distillery’s hero products, and it too is finished in Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon Casks, but is aged for 8 years instead. 


  • 30ml Bushmills Black Bush
  • 15ml VOK White Crème de Cacao
  • 30ml Cold Drip Coffee
  • 120ml H2 Coco 100% Coconut Water
  • 50ml Coconut Cream Mix (equal parts coconut cream, thickened cream, condensed milk, simple syrup)


  • Pour all ingredients into highball glass over ice
  • Pour coconut cream mix on top

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